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  1. Clearly, the Fairtax will untax the poor and place a greater burden on the top quintile, where spending is a tax write-off.

  2. What is it with AEI “scholars” who are conventionally late to the Tea-Party “welfare” meme?

    New awards for Social Security Disability Insurance peaked in 2010.

    Real benefit transfers to SNAP recipients will peak in fiscal 2013.

    Any other countercyclical “welfare” themes?

    1. Rob Vedrenne

      Me thinks you did not read the article.

  3. GoneWithTheWind

    The best thing we could do for the poor is stop being their drug pusher (i.e. free stuff). People who work and provide for themselves are much happier and fulfilled then the leeches who live off the tazpayers.

    1. Rob Vedrenne

      Wrong focus. Calling the people on the receiving end, “leeches”, reveals a disturbing bias on your part. laziness, sloth and other character flaws will always be a part of any body politic. What is a shame is a government that rewards those flaws, it is immoral. Those with legitimate need will be more readily identified when people care for people, not institutions.

  4. Benjamin Cole

    First, goose the Fed to ease up.
    Then, start cutting welfare and warfare and keep cutting…

  5. Rob Vedrenne

    The notion that government is the means by which we care for anyone with need is the folly of the unaware. Progressivism (modern liberalism) is only interested in the poor/needy as a prop or means toward achieving and holding power. Welfare’s only lasting legacy is to encourage mediocrity. Those in need are not helping themselves by becoming dependent, only those who rule over them benefit. Conservatives need to work from the ground up. Solutions and relationships will win this battle.

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