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  1. eddie macloud

    lets start with basic comparisons with other countries immigration policies
    lets look at the quota of immigrants by country that are allowed by our laws that have not been changed since the 1930’s
    how many legal immigrants should we allow in the country on an annual basis, one percent of our population at the last census of one half percent
    we have people waiting on visas legally to come here by family connection for over a decade sometimes
    an immigrant ,now citizen can petition a brother or sister and she gets in quicker if she never marries and is single , so we encourage someone to live out of wedlock in another country by our laws of legal admission ,
    why are we looking at amnesty instead of reviewing the immigration process currently that is older than the social security laws
    if cheap labor has left for china and other countries , why do we need bring more poor, maybe its cold hearted but canada use a point system and money system to help the economy and not take money out of the system to pay for more poor coming in.
    do we simply need to speed up legal immigration and raise quota on existing laws ,
    why is nobody asking these questions
    i dont recall any review of existing laws of immigration in my lifetime ,just more amnesty, if this really the answer or did we right bad laws and policy in the 1930’s

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