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Discussion: (9 comments)

  1. yet another evasion of the GOP’s essential responsibilities to insure that the budget is balanced especially after they played such a huge role in the creation of the deficit and debt.

    Now.. they want to talk about ANYTHING but their essential responsibility.

    the GOP continues to deny, continues to live in a dream world.

    1. Jim McCarthy

      Hmmm….the House has passed budgets. The Senate has not. The House has a plan that they have passed to reduce the deficit. The Senate has not. This admin has DOUBLED the debt in a short 4 years, the most profligate administration in history. Now explain to me again how the GOP is the problem here? I know that math is hard, but come on dude!

      1. re: ” This admin has DOUBLED the debt in a short 4 years”

        tell me what they spent the money on…..

        the stimulus a trillion for sure.. now how about the other ?

        The House did not pass a serious budget.. it was a symbolic budget that they knew had no chance of passage …they
        did not even try to find compromise…

        they would not even let the Dems make amendments to it.

        but tell me specifically how Obama himself – doubled the debt.

        1. Mike Martens

          With regards to Obamacare, how much Republican input did the Democrats allow.

          And the point is still that the Republican House did submit a budget (the Democrat House did not) and the Democrat Senate has not!

          1. How much input did the Dems have on the Bush Tax Cuts?

            How much input did the Dem have in the current house budget?

            The GOP is out of touch with most Americans who do like SS and do like Medicare and DO WANT people to be able to get affordable health care.

            ObamaCare is what happens when the other side refuses to address the issue at all.

  2. charles platt

    Oh my God, a simple Constitutional point immediately triggers the same old idiotic partisan-politics finger-pointing reflex. Look, BOTH parties collaborated in spending money over the past 10 or 20 years, isn’t this obvious? And the original post made a simple point which has nothing to do with the two-party system. Somehow, this president (like some others) wants to inject himself into the budget-writing process. Either that, or spineless congresspeople want him to do it so that he can be blamed later, and they will escape blame. Yes, it’s all a travesty of how the system is supposed to work. Point made.

  3. The Democrates have a point on need to raise taxes we could not afford to cut. Where they are delusional is thinking that social programs don’t need a serious overhaul.

    It is time balance the accounts. Let’s have as much retirement program and health care as we can afford and no more.

    1. ” Where they are delusional is thinking that social programs don’t need a serious overhaul.”

      I agree but changes have already been made to entitlements:

      1. – 700+ billion has been removed from the Part C subsidies which will have a double effect. Not only will it reduce funding for the subsidies but it will return to the situation where seniors have to deal with the 20% co-pay that was in originally Medicare and destroyed with the passage of Part C ( along with Part D).

      2. – an increase in the payroll tax for Medicare.

      3. – increases in the Medicare Premiums especially on the higher income folks.

      right now….you can have 200K in INCOME (not assets, but INCOME) in retirement and still only pay about $100 a month for Medicare.

      so changes have already been made, more in the pipeline and more will be sought.

      it’s just plain factually wrong to say that entitlements are not on the table.. they have been and changes already made.

      Also – keep in mind that “entitlements” include the health care and retirement of the military retirees which outnumber active duty by 2 to 1.

      these are “entitlements” also and think about this – someone who has NEVER been to a combat zone CAN STILL retire with a full pension and health care at 20 years.

      that needs to be dealt with ALSO.

      what we have right now is a sound bite approach to the issues chock full of inaccuracies and outright misrepresentations… disinformation, etc.. propaganda…

      that seeks to and succeeds in distorting the truth.

  4. By all means we should be fair on taxes.

    10% rate up to $50k wages. 0 on capital gains.
    25% rate to next $500k. 0 on capital gains.
    50 % rate on all income above $500k, but allow deductions for all income previously taxed in any manner. No double taxation should be a firm rule.

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