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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. Its the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

    1. Che is dead

      “Its the difference …”


  2. morganovich

    i believe that sign may be a sort of purgatory for apostrophes that have sinned.

    deacon jon, care to weigh in?

  3. Jack Stephens

    The quiz at the Independent said that “3 months’ experience” is incorrect, and gave “3 month’s experience” as correct. Is that a British thing? I’m pretty darn sure that for a plural time expression, the apostrophe would go after the ‘s’. No? Signed, -Perplexed

    1. Jack Stephens

      My bad. I misread the feedback. It marked me off for “Jesus’ teaching.” That’s how I learned it. Sorry.

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