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Discussion: (17 comments)

  1. OMG! I’ve just lost an entire day.

    1. Wednesday links on Tuesday – Who’d a-Thunk It?

      1. Jon Murphy

        It’s Wednesday somewhere! Space, maybe? :-)

        1. morganovich

          that passage of time is actually just a quirk of your senses.

          in a very real sense, it’s always wednesday.

          1. Jon Murphy

            Better than Thursdays. I could never quite get the hang of Thursdays.

  2. Benjamin Cole

    Re Obamacare: If you like the US defense sector and the companies in it, or the agriculture sector, then you should love Obamacare.

    Heavy federal intrusion, regulation, subsidy, socialism—it’s all there in spades in defense and agriculture.

    Both are pillars of the GOP, btw.

    But Obamacare is no good. Must be Donk money behind that.

    1. Ben,

      Who here defends the GOP on their idiocy that you’ve pointed out above? Can you find a single post by Mark saying that those things you’re bashing the GOP for are good? No? Then, seriously, what are you talking about?

  3. Let me be the first to admit that going after meth labs seems to have just pushed the producers to Mexico.

    But you gotta realize having doped up folks play with fire to cook their stuff – which includes explosive liquids, isn’t exactly safe either. Innocent people have died in the fires and explosions caused by basement meth labs.

    And there is one documented case of a girl dying after her family purchased a repossessed house with the manufacturing chemicals still steeped in the walls.

    The cop may have saved lives with this one death.

  4. Can you bring a Knork on an airplane?

  5. Sorry to keep butting in today – Bad programs can’t always be fixed. Sometimes you are asked to do the impossible. I have been asked several times to do impossible things in my programming career, and you have to politely point out that they are impossible. Like coming up with values when sensors don’t exist. Coming up with firm statistics – This program shall only use 70% of the processors power maximum – when that is mathematically impossible to prove (one can make an educated guess at best.)

    What I wonder though, is why the government wrote the program at all. There are two companies that already have the infrastructure to handle large volume transactions and sign ups. Google and Amazon. Both are run by liberal nuts – they may have even put the program together for free – and paid with ad revenue. It would have probably cost 1/10 to produce and have worked with minimal glitches. Instead we get yet another government boondoggle.

    Which brings up another point. You would think Obama would jump at the chance to remove the healthcare mandate for another year, to get the systems working properly. It would make it much more likely the program would succeed. Instead he is being stubborn about negotiating with the Republicans. The GOP handed him a gift and he wouldn’t take it.

    1. Marque,

      Maybe he figures the sooner Obamacare fails(for which he will blame the GOP) the sooner we get to Single-Payer.

      1. Che is dead

        “Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State.” — Vladimir Lenin

      2. morganovich

        or maybe this current gang is just so far past their peter principle that they honestly had no idea that they were doing this wrong, how to develop an application, and how to manage a project.

        google did it, how hard can it be?


  6. Jon Murphy
    1. Jon, was there supposed to be a link?

      1. Jon Murphy


        HTML tags can be tricky sometimes.

  7. hitssquad

    7. Being one of the ten states that index their minimum wages to inflation, Washington State’s minimum wage will increase to $9.32 an hour on Jan. 1, 2014.

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