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Discussion: (3 comments)

  1. Yavuz Osmanoglu

    Absolute bollocks. When Greece a fellow NATO member purchased Russian made S-300 Anti-balistic missile batteries the West was mute. Their loyalty was not put into question. But when Turkey co-produces a Chinese system all of a sudden Turkey is betraying NATO? Oh I forgot the Turks are Muslims…you can’t trust those Mossies. Well Turkey has proven it’s loyalty to the West since the Korean war, in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. However, maybe Turkey should in fact reconsider it’s Alliance with the West in light of such hypocrisy, Islamophobia and prejudice. It should show that it is not a client State.

    1. Methinks thou doest protest too much

  2. @Yavuz Osmanoglu

    As a Turk, I couldn’t of put that better myself.

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