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Discussion: (17 comments)

  1. Mr. Rubin, Just move the mirror to Israel foreign affairs and the quality of the leaders. Is Netanyahu better than Erdogan. Doesn’t he use religion and nationalism for idiot socialization? What about corruption? Israel is in the race with all Middle East Countries, so corrupt. Look at the idioms Netanyahu use. Israel lost its soul in Kibutz days and became a strict middle east country of middle ages. There’s only one real society in the region. Kurds of BDP which Israel strictly denied up till now and helped Turkey to assasin them. Isn’t it to late to have a u turn? Why don’t you find a good leader for Israel? After all Erdogan is a product of American policy which condemned us to Gulag days. If Israel is free why to choose Netanyahu?

    1. What semi-coherent piffle, Mr Aynaoğlu. What on earth is “idiot socialization” ? To your first question, Netanyahu is indeed better than Erdogan, at least with his English. In spite of its former friendship with Turkey which remains, incongruously, a NATO member and a candidate to the EU, Israel never helped to assassinate Kurds, and enjoys a good relationship with them…obviously not you, nor I imagine with its fascistic or Islamist elements. Can’t please everyone, you know.

      Anyway, for Kurds to get assistance from Israel and any other democracya, though, Kurds must declare their alliances, convincingly prepare for democracy, denounce and cease terrorism to give us at least a sliver of hope that they will not become yet another dictatorial terrorist Muslim sewer hole. So far, the prospects aren’t exactly glowing, are they?

    2. There is a difference, even if the description is 100% correct. What difference? Judaism, even that of Netanyahu, is not part of an international movement (e.g., Muslim Brotherhood) that continually preaches the termination of Islamic states. Does Israeli want to see to the overthrow of the Turkish gov.? Formal simililarities between policitians do not necessarily lead to MATERIAL policies seeking the same or similar goals. Or?

      1. Israel claims security. Israel needs to expand. Gaza strip is a matter of security and if you can’t control the sea you can’t have security. Gaza strip is a must for Israel’s existence.That’s how the government handles its policies and depends on military force.
        Turkey seizes the similar. The border security on south eastern Turkey is a must for their foreign policies. What is the result of this border mania? Civil Palestine people are beaten by missiles while the civil Kurds are assasinated by drones. The tactics and drones Israel once handled to Turkish Army. Both use the same language. Civil casualties are unescapable. MOSSAD and MIT were perfectly managing once to commit the parallel plan during previous governments of Turkey. What has changed? Benefits
        Israel may continue to think of Arab society on security basis but it has forgot their market quality. What Mr. Rubin does not want to spell while accusing the U S congress men is the economic pace of Middle East. Turkey has always been a Trojan Horse for moslems. They sell, they buy, they know the ways of smuggling and controlling the economies on corruption basis. They are the passage way to middle east for the west. After all Erdogan, the rising star showed the best performance of religious exploitation on idiot socialization and engineered a slavery model depending on consumption. The case is to show that the best capitalist slaves may come out of moslems afterall you don’t need democracy under an ıslamic rule. Also best capitalist consumption may come cause islamic society is confined on family basis. Arabs are so oppressed through the history that they are captured by religious hopes leading individualism on family basis and this quality makes them the best candidate for a consuming society. A mouth watering population for the western imperalism. Why should neocon America deny the potential income lying under Erdogan’s projection?

        Therefore, there is no need to a contest of leaders cv.s, or the religions attributions. We must not miss the big picture.

  2. Demir Tosun

    AKP is the Turkish branch of Muslim Brotherhood. PM Erdogan and his party has only one agenda and that is Islamic Republic of Turkey.

  3. The same Erdogan denies that there ever was an Armenian Genocide, 1.5-2.0 million innocent and defenseless civilians slaughtered and around 1 million more deported or forcefully converted to Islam, at the same time, the Assyrian Genocide, 500,000 Assyrians killed, and then few years later, the Pontic Greek Genocide, 1 million killed, 1.2 million deported.
    This radical Islamist will never acknowledge his county’s bloody history and will continue crushing civil rights, and killing Kurds. His economy is overrated, but like you accurately pointed out, he has his useful idiots and endorsers, bribed and corrupt.

  4. I will always find it amazing how people tend to deny or just put aside certain facts and use other facts for a counter argument.. this is really not just with Isreal/islamic politics.. even in very local problems of society.. what i don’t understand is, knowing i’m not a genius, how come other people don’t see this… some starts with critisizing turkey with facts, another persone answers with a critic towards israel.. does that mean turkey isn’t bad? please, use your head, and accept reality.. if you ever hope to change anything of todays world problems!

  5. he just a puppet..NOt prime minister…Who has rope :)

  6. Orhan Sakarya

    Ok let’s go by the text first an let’s try not to relate this article with being pro-Israel.
    First of all Erdogan always had the same colors since 2002 and that’s why he is elected 3 times in a row and that’s why he is still sitting on that PM chair with %50 vote. One of the main true color of him was standing against the militarism and its powers over the country. Thanks to his “stand still” characteristics, he succeeded that. Your claimed colors of Erdogan Mr. Rubin, they are baseless and trashy and you know it. You know that Everytime Erdogan tried to invest Kurdish regions of Turkey, PKK, a listed terrorist organization by USA, sabotaged it, and its PKK that he has been struggling with. You know that Israel ranks second after Eritrea on the number of jailed journalists/population. You know that Turkish courts are independent from politics. You also know that it is Islamophobia not the criticism of radical Islam that he is leading the proponent of UN legislation.Even your link on that word takes you Islamophobia word, and yes you are well aware of the difference between these two. Nonetheless, Being a pro-Israel or I should say an AIPAC lover requires you to write like that. Let me tell you something Mr. Rubin writing down those Congressional member names will not affect or change anything. The policy shaping of US and putting puppet dictators in Middle East are over. Those days are long gone…

    1. Aram Iskenderian

      Hey Orhan,
      Maybe if you pull your head from where it is, you could actually learn how to write something that could be read. This run-on drivel and lame excuses that you have managed to put together, not to mention the messy English is barely readable.
      You spew “You know that Turkish courts are independent from politics” which begs the question, how disconnected from reality are you?
      Are you saying that there are no political prisoners in Turkey today?No one is getting prosecuted for opposing state policy? What kind of an ignorant fool are you?
      Look up your oh-so-precious Turkey’s record at the Human Rights Watch for a rude awakening and stop insulting everyone’s intelligence with your nationalist crap. Also consider growing up and stopping the cries of “Islamophobia” whenever you get called out for your actions.

  7. Ed Clark

    Hey Orhan,
    What language is your post written in? Surely it’s anything but English… unless you’re a moron. In fact you do seem to be a moron, & a racist islamo-nazi one at that.
    Maybe you misspelled your own name as well: could it be Orphan rather than Orhan, as you do seem to be deprived of half a normal brain among other things.
    Why don’t you just head home to your momma & have a nice warm glass of fresh pig’s blood to calm you down?

  8. Orhan Sakarya

    That comment was not for you Ed, seriously your capacity can not take that much because you probably spent more on your pickup truck than on your education. I can understand that your lifetime goal is to anger people like me, but you need to try harder than that..

    1. Aram Iskenderian

      He does not need to do anything. You keep shooting yourself in the foot using online translations. That is why you got called out for posting such incomprehensible garbage.

      1. Orhan Sakarya

        I am not the first one who got this call as it is you guys’ primary tool to attack opposing ideas. Take a second look what you wrote down above. There is no idea no opinion no argument but pure desperate insult efforts. What difference does it make If I tell you that there is no political prisoner in Turkey? You just don’t have the depth to understand the country. You probably cannot name a famous Turkish prisoner not to mention a political prisoner.My humble advise to you;next time an opposing idea types something to here, don’t act like a watchdog of this site. Try to make some arguments. Using fancy words or shouting loud or insulting the others will not make you right,Most importanly it will not add anthing to your knowledge. Because someday, If you could learn to discuss like a human being,you can put counter arguments just like Youri did. For the record I am not a nationalist or anything, and if your Armenian grandparents or relatives got killed in the past , I am so sorry about it but there is nothing I can do about it

  9. Ed Clark

    Hey Orphan, I know that your illiterate comment was not directed at me, as I don’t know you from a hole in the ground. Apparently you found some superior help (or superior online translation tool) to “write” your latest idiocy. FYI, you warm pig-blood connoisseur, I’ve never driven let alone owned a pickup truck, though it might be fun to rent one, tie your sorry islamo-nazi ass to it & drag it a few miles over some unpaved mountain roads in Turkey, you turkey. No one need bother to attempt to anger you, as groveling scum of your moronic ilk are born angry, live their stinking lives angry, & die angry after having abused others in vain efforts to appease their own anger. Have a nice day, Mr Orphan Pig-Bloodya.

  10. Ferhat YILDIRIM

    Settle down Being, let there be light!

    1. As a Turkish citizen I’m not a challenging figure in English Language. Still, as far as I see in the comments made by the Turks, such a poor capacity of language makes me cry on behalf of the culture. Ferhat and the others, how come you think in Turkish and spell in English. Really, what an idiot courage you perform here. Mr. Davutoglu and Mr. Bagıs does the same. Always translations of Turkish scripts. Why don’t you all choose a modest way of expression in simple words with easy but sharp reflections. You can’t because your minds are obscure, full of dogmas in concrete patterns. Harsh Turkish idioms in word to word translations express your sight.

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