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  1. From that perspective, the job market is in the fourth inning of recovery.

    How optimistic. The job market is trailing by seven with two out in the ninth with the bases empty and A-Rod looking at an 0-2 count. The lousy investments have to be liquidated before a real recovery can begin.

    1. SeattleSam

      No fear. Recovery Summer IV (or is it V?) is almost here.

  2. So JPM says that 5-7 million “catch up” jobs need to be created. But the Hamilton Project, who you are beholden to charting, says that 11 million “catch up” jobs need to be created.

    What gives?

  3. No fear. Recovery Summer IV (or is it V?) is almost here.

    I fear. No private sector jobs (payroll survey) were created during the Bush43 administration. Well, actually it was a loss of 665,000 private sector jobs. Thus far, 1,913,000 jobs have been created during the first half of the Obama administration. I have no idea what will happen in the second half.

    For whatever reasons, there has been limited traction in private sector job creation since the turn of the millenium.

    1. Todd Mason

      The reason is pretty clear. The boom the supplysiders fueled was in China, India and Brazil. And what money was spent here went to automation and Internet commerce. Things looked half way decent until the construction boom blew up. (Difficult to offshore or automate construction.)

    2. Your comment is looney. In Obama’s 4 years over EIGHT MILLION workers who have become discouraged and who’s benefits have expired, have so called “Dropped out of the workforce” and are no longer counted. Actual unemployment is at an 80 year high of almost 20%. 15 million jobs have been lost and 1.9 million burger flipping jobs created in 4 years. Being an Obama Zombie is a shame.

  4. [That was to Marmico]

    1. Mental note: Add Poopy to the list of innumerates.


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