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  1. Wait until the sequester kicks in.We won’t feel the full brunt of the sequester until around June to July.I think the sequester is going to hit harder than most so called economist on TV are claiming.Some fed members are predicting 3 percent growth this year.If we get 1 percent GDP for 2013 with the $85 billion in mandated cuts by September well be lucky.Matter of fact I bet the jobs report will start to fall off a cliff starting in June.Then well start hearing about double dip recession.Yee Hawh every body!

    1. Yeah, that tiny sliver of a cut in spending growth is the reason why the economy sucks ass.

      Meanwhile, the federal government still posting job openings for thousands of mostly useless employees.

  2. MacDaddyWatch

    The Obama years…

    ….the lean years.

  3. The Obama Years: The Years of Bark And Grass Soup.

  4. mesa econoguy

    Nice job, Obama.

    Let’s piss away more money to Solyndra (bankrupt) and Fisker (about to be bankrupt). C’mon Barry, I’m sure you got more bankruptcy candidates up your sleeve….

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