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  1. I thought the point was to take measures that would allow the economy to start growing? If so, taxing energy use — the lifeblood of the economy — under the banner of a discredited theory, seems rather counterproductive.

    1. What do we tax now? Work.
      Tax pollution, not work.

    2. Jan Freed

      discredited? only by the so-called skeptics, using the junk skepticism of the oil lobbies and stink tanks.

  2. No, No, No!! No more taxes to harm businesses especially when it will ineffective in arresting global warming. You have to cut CO2 emissions some 50 to 60% to STABILIZE carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. It’s just not feasible. Have a look at my blog:

    The hydrocarbon era will end eventually. For the possible nearer-term future of energy have a look at my blog “Thorium Reactors May Solve Global Energy Crisis” at


    1. You can rely on some miracle of Thorium. But you’re living on my Earth, and you’ll have to refrain from destroying the Earth. We need to exercise will power and actually reduce emissions.

      I’ll take a carbon tax over global destruction any day. It can displace payroll and self-employment taxes, or come back as a flat dividend. Either way, it will stimulate the economy to rearrange for the better.

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