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  1. Jon Murphy

    The Sugar Lobby is the oldest lobby in America. Some of these tariffs date back to the 1700’s. Very hard to overturn.

  2. Recall that back then the federal government relied on alcohol taxes and import duties as its sole source of revenue. Back then it was not a protective tariff but just a revenue tariff. Later the Whigs and the later Republicans wanted protective tariffs and were able to put them in place when the southern members of congress absented themselves in 1861. Lincoln was strongly in favor of the protective tariff. Of course in 1789 there was no local US sugar industry to protect as how to refine sugar beets had not been invented, and the sugar cane country in the US was still spanish (Tx, La, as well as south Al and MS (west Florida) and of course Florida itself.
    Sugar at the time came from English and French Islands in the Caribbean. On interesting fact is that the conditions on Haiti lead to the rebellion in 1800, then when Napoleon tried to put it down the tropical diseases wiped out his army, so he was willing to do the Louisiana Purchase.

    1. Citizen Buddy

      Lyle, I always enjoy reading your comments but don’t always agree. Could you please break up your paragraphs some, as well as double spacing between? Cheers.

  3. Benjamin Cole

    Rural America is essentially a gigantic federal ward, a pink wonderland…

    1. You are aware you’re relying on a Tax Foundation study from 2005 when you make that statement, right? I’m willing to venture that…a few changes have happened since then (changes that our dear host has more than happily noted).

      BTW, why does the Tax Foundation insist that I donate money to update that 2005 study, using today’s data?

    2. And the most dangerous, illiterate, welfare leeching urban areas in America vote for Democrats by shocking margins. Obama took 98% of the vote in Detroit in 2012.

      1. Citizen Buddy
        1. Citizen Buddy

          How much federal aid has Detroit been receiving before official bankruptcy?

          $2 billion and now the fight begins for even more fed funds.

    3. False.

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