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  1. This is such a complex issue, and we need to have a broad discussion about it. We haven’t been able to move the “goodness” needle over the last 40 years or so, and I can’t believe it’s because teachers and/or schools are “bad”.

    I think the real problems is that we haven’t been able to convince kids why they should want the education that’s available to them. It used to be that kids wanted to be in school because it was better than working on the farm or in the mill. Now, it’s just the opposite… staying home doing nothing is a pretty attractive option!

    It sure would be nice if we had a good counter-argument. I’ve tried telling my sons that the only way to get a decent job is to get a good education, but that sounds about as good as why they should eat broccoli. Then there’s also the fact that there’s no guarantee a good job is in your future even if you do have a good education… it’s just that your odds are better. That sounds even worse than broccoli… at least broccoli has guaranteed benefits.

    What can we do and/or say to help kids appreciate the enormous value of a good education? To make them truly WANT it? What do you tell your kids?

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