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  1. Peaktrader

    “A survey of professors at the University of Nebraska showed that 94 percent of them thought they were better than average teachers.”

    Does that mean when asked if they were below average teachers, 6% said “yes?,” or maybe they said: “I’m just average, overpaid, and don’t deserve a raise.”

    1. Peaktrader

      Maybe, 94% are competitive.

  2. A state gets big, the state gets liberal, the state falls apart. Looks like CA had its heyday in the 1990’s per the animation. Looks like Texas and maybe Florida are the next big things. No wonder the Dems think they can take over Texas and Florida.

    1. No wonder the Dems think they can take over Texas and Florida.

      Florida and Va gets more blue by the day. How does the GOP get to 270 electoral votes without those 2 states?

  3. Thomas Boyle

    Songwriter Dave Carroll also wasn’t the first person to publish a song about an airline breaking a guitar.

    At the very least, he was preceded by Tom Paxton in 1985, with “Thank You, Republic Airlines (For Breaking the Neck of My Guitar)”.

    Republic Airlines ceased to exist in 1986, on being taken over by Northwest Airlines.

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