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  1. 1775Concord

    Kristof said the poor children don’t vote…and targeted “well-off” seniors who do. Pardon me, Mr. Kristof…indeed, you are correct in pointing out how well-intentioned liberal programs defeat America…but, though the children don’t vote, their entitlement parent(s) do. That is one reason Obama got so many votes; people didn’t want their entitlements to be reduced or eliminated, and Obama “Santa Claused” promises of health care coverage by your parents until 26, possible dangling carrot of forgiveness of student loans, extended unemployment benefits, reduced pay into Social Security (6.5% down to 4.5% by workers, further bankrupting Soc Sec), etc.

  2. The larger issue is that government programs are specifically harming social service organizations designed to address the long term causes of poverty. I gave up my job in M&A to work at a local nonprofit because I believed in their mission (they give homeless families everything they need to survive and for their children to thrive — but require that adults in the program work or go to school 40 hours a week and save a portion of their income).

    Now, the federal, state and local government is disqualifying us from funding — specifically because we require people in our program to do something (work or school) designed to improve their income.

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