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Discussion: (9 comments)

  1. Max Planck

    These projections are bloody meaningless! You just take Boehner’s horsecrap and say “SEE?”

    1. RonRonDoRon

      Boehner’s horsecrap? I believe it’s a graph of CBO projections – could still be horsecrap, but not Boehner’s.

      Do you have any alternative projections? Or is your position that all projections, all attempts to plan, are horsecrap? We should just spend however much we please and assume there’s a Scrooge McDuck money bin somewhere that we can tap to pay for it?

      1. projections for 30 years, whoever does them, are nonsense…CBO wonks know that, but theyre mandated to produce them anyhow…

        who got the projection for this years economy right even 5 years ago?

        1. Jon Murphy
        2. RonRonDoRon

          Which leaves the question: If projections are worthless, how do we decide whether we’re spending ourselves into oblivion or whether everything will be just fine?

          1. Jon Murphy

            Projections aren’t worthless. It’s actually quite easy to make 5-10 projections that are pretty accurate. But they also need to be taken with a grain of salt.

            Forecasts are born to die.

    2. Jon Murphy

      These projections are bloody meaningless! You just take Boehner’s horsecrap and say “SEE?”

      Look at the source, chief:

      OMB: currently run by the Obama Administration.

      CBO: Supposedly non-partisan

      HBC: Fictional television network in the South Park Universe.

      So, no he is not looking at Boehner’s horecrap and saying “SEE?” He is looking at the Obama Administration and CBO’s horsecrap and saying “SEE?”

      1. Jon Murphy

        By the way, that HBC quip is a joke.

    3. Look, just google federal government revenues and federal expenditures over 10 years. It is no secret. The $850 billion stimulus goes into the budget in 08 and then never goes back down the $850 billion. They built it in and then claims there are no cuts to be found. The revenue they want is only$80billion a year which doesn’t even get them below 1 Trilllion dollars. These are facts easily found with a touch of a button. Senator Tom Coburn has identified $300 billion in cuts a year but the Democrats have blocked it and decided to demagogue the issues.

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