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  1. rj chicago

    More of the same leftist fist pounding from an empty, empty, empty suit. Wake me up in a couple of years when this nightmare ends.

    1. Ends? It’s just getting started. President Hillary will serve up the same.

  2. The title of this article is not the most important question. Rather, the most important questions are: What was wrong with the economy when Obama first came to office? And what has Obama done to change what was wrong? Those on the Left answer the first question by saying that the economy is not under the democratic control of the workers. The Left’s answer to the second question is Obama has done nothing to fix the problem.

    At the same time, when those on the Right say what they have proposed to improve education, the Left would say that there is more to include than the talking points which the Right has declared. Does “improved” teacher quality result in paying teachers fairly? Does school choice either avoids taking resources away from public schools or offer enough resources for every child? And what is the Right proposing to fix the non-school issues of public education?

  3. Obama apparently thinks the economy is doing fine. Hence why he can expand additional federal programs and federal employment numbers.

    I don’t think the President genuinely views unemployment as a problem.

  4. Benjamin Cole

    But incomes have been rising and crime falling for the last 50 years…this is success not failure (the Great Recession a Fed-induced aberration).
    The federal givernment has no role in promoting families or religion.
    Families have been dissolving along with church attendance and we are better off than ever.
    Free markets in large modern nations may in fact speed family dissolution and increase secular perspectives.
    Is this a concern?

    1. We have borrowed 17 trillion dollars to be ‘better off than ever’.

    2. Is the illegitimacy rate a concern? Did the federal government incentivize it? Is Benji a knucklehead?

      Yes to all three.

  5. Barrackio is a liar and everyone knows it.

  6. Tom Sullivan

    Both Clinton and Obama quickly lost their Congressional majorities. Clinton chose to work with Republicans to reduce the size of government, create growth and jobs, and thus create prosperity. Obama sees his goal as growing government, not growing the economy.

    We no longer have a free market economy, we have government spending 40% of it, and regulation compliance costs of another 10-20%. The stumbling economy suits Democrats just fine because they can buy additional votes with the increasing power of government and welfare they push as solutions or bandaids.

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