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  1. Pierre Dewitt

    ARE MUSLIMS RIGHT??? Is Zionism- ‘CHRISTIANITY in REVERSE?’ Chamberlain supported Hitler as FDR supported Stalin. Why? America’s fight was not with the people of Germany- but the religion of Nazism. America’s fight is not with Muslims- but with Zionist Christians who turn the eschatology of the Monroe Doctrine backward to Old Jerusalem—not the New Covenant– New World– of the Promised-Land. SO, ARE MUSLIMS RIGHT…? Zionists in America give America a false rudder and thus turn Christianity into faux progresssive reverse. Our Thomas Sowell should be a Supreme Court Judge. He explains in near perfect detail DUALISM in America. But, it is not Zoroaster/Arianism or– good vs bad- Sunni vs Shiite. No. America has no dog in Allah’s fight- religiously or politically- only Dr. Sowell says. Remember ‘The Man Who Saved the World’ saved it from Americas nuclear missiles in Turkey- staging Fidel and provoking the Cuban missile crisis. No. Our fight is for Constitutional Principles…not arming nations- against one another. Sowell explains…- it is the French Revolution vs the American Revolution or–…Rule over citizens by Systemic Authority as we see with Obama. Against traditional…. rule by Constraint from Constitutional Law- derived from history’s lessons from Wisdom. Making derived Liberties from ‘God’ a interactive meta-physical promise of the bible. Follow the excellence of Thomas Sowell’s thought…and you will understand completely the situation America is in and how! …….LIKE ….IF YOU …….LIKE…. SOWELL……….LIKE !! (FB deleted me).

    Thomas Sowell and a Conflict of Visions
    Sowell describes the critical differences between interests and visions. Interests, he says, are articulated by people who know what their interests are and …

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