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  1. Obama has to justify his position to the American people about their tax money that he used in order to support terrorists in Egypt but We the people of Egypt proudly declare that our beloved army has listened to our cries and helped us carry out history’s first People Coup. all respect to Egyptians who always make history.. God Bless Egypt and its Great People … so proud to be Egyptian

    1. Rasha, I watched with awe as I saw the news reports of the multitude of people demonstrating against Morsi and his tyranny. The Egyptian people showed great courage in taking back their country, and the people of America pray for as peaceful a transition as possible. Yes, God bless Egypt, and God bless us all.

    2. Ofra Ben David

      My heart goes out to the people that were injured,and for those who lost their lives, I respect and admire their courage and all they stood for, May G-d bless all the Egyptians people.

  2. MacDaddyWatch

    The democratic process may have put Morsi into office, but upon taking charge he immediately became a despotic tyrant. One of his first moves was to unilaterally alter and amend Egypt’s constitution.

    The more revealing question is, “What did Morsi learn from Obama?”

    1. tpheenix

      Highly accurate and appropriate question, yet I would shift the paradigm in this manner – this is neither a from-to nor a to-from question. Rather, why is it the same playbook is being used in both places at virtually the same time ?????
      Democracy as a form of governance ALWAYS destroys itself. Using a democratic PROCESS within a framework of constraints that protects society is totally different. Using (abusing) “democracy” with no intention of improving society is exactly what has happened to Egypt.
      God Bless the real Egyptians.
      God Bless us all.

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