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  1. freedom

    A magnificent fighter for freedom for all of us has left our world.
    May history treat her better than liberals have.
    We owe her much.

  2. She was, and is, and will be a continuing inspiration for many. Yes, we do owe her much.

  3. Abu Nudnik

    What a wonderful eulogy. A wonderful woman. I note she quoted Bunyan, not Shakespeare. That is class, good manners.

    It’s rare to find people who know their own minds. She was one. A great light has gone out. She loved her country and couldn’t bear to see it in decline. And then she did something about it.

    1. Joe Egan

      A great lady is gone but she will not be forgotten.

  4. surfcat50

    What a blessing to have seen such courage and determination in leadership. God bless Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her country.

  5. Paul Heffernan

    We need now to hear Lady Thatcher’s words more than ever: “The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

  6. A truly great and good lady – and leader.

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