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  1. Liberals are an obstacle to educational equality, because they are in thrall to the teachers’ unions.

  2. Benjamin Cole

    Tough question: Is wide-open free enterprise, capitalism and libertarianism family friendly?

    Capitalism is amoral (not immoral, but amoral). So is libertarianism.

    So, maybe many a young girl can make more money hooking than in some 9-5 job. Maybe your neighbor sets up a brothel-drug den. Gambling, sex, drugs for sale, openly. Push-carts vendors hawking meth, weed, liquor.

    Having no kids make sense when the 60-hour workweek is the norm. For both parents.

    Why should a man marry? The costs are enormous. Economically speaking, it no longer makes sense to have kids.

    And a professional, mercenary military.

    In truth, everybody believes in free enterprise until they don’t. Most people actually do believe in “social engineering” and regulations—if they get to choose the engineering and regulations.

  3. There are several factors that hurt education in America and not all of them have to do with those who are on tax-funded payrolls. I am retired now, but my past experience from teaching in college and from conversations with those who teach from elementary to high school, parents often act as obstacles to quality education. Some parents demand that their children receive extra chances and more leniency and this is true up through college–I have my own experience with parents who do this. At the same time, parents who don’t provide a stable home life for their kids, hurt their their own kids’ education. But when there is economic hopelessness because full-time jobs either pay poverty wages or are outsourced to other countries, a stable home life is far more difficult to achieve.

    And then there are administrators who pressure teachers to pass kids along as well adopt education material and standards that interfere with the kids’ education.

    finally there are the teachers and the students. Teachers fail to resist administrative and parental pressure to pass students along while students go along for the ride.

    None of this includes other significant factors such as “No Child Left Behind,” which has been strongly opposed by the Left, teach to the test pedagogy, the over-reliance on visual learning, and the over-reliance on technology. Regarding the last one, I gave a quiz to a trigonometry class one time where they were not allowed to use calculators. Realize that these students have a Algebra I proficiency or passing grade. One of the problems ended up asking students to calculate 34/60. A quarter of the students could not do the problem because they were prohibited to use calculators. Some of them told me that it was impossible for them to perform the calculation without a calculator. That comes from over-reliance on technology.

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