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  1. Sorry, tisn’t so grand a concept here in RI. The real reason? We’re a tourist economy. *The Ocean State* People from Massachusetts & Connecticut clog our roads & beaches all weekend, so we can’t go to the beach. VJ is the only summer holiday that lets us visit our own beaches, without having to share.
    Proof? The other name for the holiday is “Free Beach Day”. The state does not charge cars with RI plates entering the beach lots.
    Sorry it’s such a late reply, but I was planning my summer vacation, and saw your article.

  2. Laura Schweizer

    Hillman, MI USA still honor VJ-Day. We are a very small rural community but we observe and celebrate that very important day. Not the dropping of the bomb, but of the ending of this world war. My father served this country in this War but he was in the Atlantic Theater. Our small Michigan town honor this day to give honor to all the men and women who served our country in that war and all the wars. To the everyone who gave the highest sacrifice of all, their lives, their limbs, eyes, minds, their families and everything that they forfeited so that everyone left behind would have the freedom we have today.

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