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  1. How about something REAL WORLD such as comparing various salaries to the cost of cars and homes, which are the “big ticket” items?
    Naw, too simple, right?

    1. groceries cost more per month, in general, than a car payment. You can get a brand new car for payments in the $200-220/month range pretty easily these days.

      and even that assumes that it is financially O.K. to buy a brand new car while on SNAP and considered impoverished.

      is that real world enough for you?

    2. Stevor;

      Do you know what CONSUMPTION based poverty rate is ?
      Look at the Green line on the Meyers and Sullivan graph above. The one that goes from 30% in 1960 to about 5% today. The graph that completely obliterates the increasing inequality and misery of the poor claims of progressives.

  2. Tom Sullivan

    War on poverty? Ineffective mostly, with some horrible side effects. The seen and the unseen. The biggest casualty for most of the population has been economic freedom and a robust growth rate. It’s a lot like government schools, neglecting and disserving the golden goose. The rulers are too busy buying votes to notice they have destroyed prosperity.

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