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  1. So, that’s the “end game” to “force” more air strikes? Or is that just what the media wants to promote so we can maybe have it escalate to WWIII?

  2. That was a major tactical mistake on the part of the ISIS goons. Not only was Foley a US citizen, but he was a member and representative of ‘The Media’… The Media won’t let this be forgotten.

    This POTUS has shown himself to be totally clueless with regard to both military strategy and the associated human psychology involved, so he was unlikely to order any major step-up in military action. Now they’ll be lucky if the US response stays at this level, as this may well have taken the step over the tipping point of both public opinion and a now “necessary” military reaction.

    One thrown stone can start a rockslide, but I think ISIS should expect an avalanche from the rest of the civilized world that will bury them.

    1. So, you think o’bama is “clueless” about psychology? What makes you so sure you’re not being PLAYED by all this? I saw on America’s Got Talent last night a guy “cut in half by a chainsaw”. Was that real?
      I figure there’s somebody “behind the curtain pulling the levers” and don’t trust what we’re shown by the “media”.

      I figure that o’bama is just a puppet whose strings are pulled by EVIL people who want to destroy the world and they are very clever and manipulating people’s psyche.

  3. Steve you talk a lot of Psychobabble.

    1. So, I guess you believe all that the government says? Oh well, you are one of many Sheeple!

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