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  1. People need to be inspired, but it might help if what Romney offered as a solution was remotely plausible.

    I see nothing here except “I ran businesses, you know” as if one could run Congress as one could run a business, and besides that, a half baked tax plan which will accomplish nothing, authored by the same man whose former plan bankrupted the government.

    There is nothing to hang your hat on as far as policy goes, and I think people are sensing that. The patient just needs more time to heal, and the economy will eventually sort itself out from the cataclysm it was put through.

  2. Romney may have been a good businessman but he was not a very good Governor. Leaving Massachusetts with an approval rating in the 30s, anemic job growth and government run health care gives me little hope. The GOP says I should vote for Mitt because he is not Barack. That does not inspire me either to believe things will get better…. given Romney’s record.

  3. Thomas Sullivan

    Since April Romney has usually been ahead, according to Rasmussen polling, the most accurate pollster. Obama gets ahead briefly sometimes, but that always ends. Obama had a nice 5-6 point advantage for 2-3 days after the conventions, but now trails by 3 points. Romney was not able to spend on ads until the convention, during which time Obama was spending heavily, spending more than he was taking in. Romney is now raising about 40% more than Obama. From here on Romney will probably have 50% more ads than Obama. Since Sept. 1 Romney caught up to Obama in the swing states average, and they are now about tied there, showing the quick effects of Romney’s new ability to run ads.

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