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  1. If al Qaeda is mobile and adaptable to a diverse range of geography.. what did Obama not do that he should have?

    how do you deal with an asymmetric global threat?

  2. charles platt

    Marc Thiessen sounds, to me, like a liberal who suggests that the answer to bad government is more government. He seems to think that the answer to problems caused by the US interfering in other nations is to interfere more actively. And then of course comes the inevitable pressing of the fear button: If we don’t interfere more actively, they may become more active here in the United States.

    How does this make any rational sense? Am I really supposed to believe that the US can find security by subjugating the entire moslem world, on a permanent basis, through a policy of intervention that can only cause more anger and resentment? And this at a time when federal spending is bankrupting the nation?

    1. NeoConism = more govt to mess around in other countries affairs but to use a “boogeyman” as the reason.

      NeoConism = money, money and more money for a bigger and bigger military and cut entitlements and other things so we can finance it.

      If McCain had become President – god knows what would have happened….

    2. How does this make any rational sense?

      That depends on what the goal is. If you want to transfer more money and power to people who want interventionism then you try to create a narrative in which you isolate one particular possible outcome and ignore (or deny) the fact that the policies which you advocate makes such an outcome much more likely. The people at AEI favour Military Keynesianism and interventionism so it is no surprise that the arguments that you hear from them will be in favour of Military Keynesianism and interventionism.

      What gets to me is that they go and whine about the outcome of the election. Their preferred choice managed to make an evil warmonger like Obama look look like the peace candidate. And the voters chose as they usually do when given a choice between a man who advocates war and one that seems to advocate peace.

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