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  1. quite likely if our CIA sees that’s a good idea since they created them, finance them, and give them weapons (along with the muslim brotherhood through o’bama, hitlery, and the other CRIMINALS in washington dc)

  2. Benjamin Cole

    Well, actually terms of withdrawal from Iraq were ironclad and negotiated in the last days of the Bush Administration. Maliki wanted us out, and he was the elected leader of that nation. I think Bush was glad to get out too.

    On Afghanistan, I predict it will be a craphole country for decades and decades, and has no chance to ever become a Korea, Germany or Japan (or China for that matter). You think Afghanis are going to act like Germans or Japanese? Koreans?

    With the right leadership, Afghanistan will become the world’s premier manufacturing platform? Heard it at AEI first….

    But we have shown the Afghanis how to make money. Under US occupation, we have overseen the largest explosion of poppy growing in all history, and the Afghanis now all but own the market–something like 80-90 percent of heroin worldwide comes from fields in Afghanistan, often under US protection.

    Well, we have spent or incurred liabilities of $3 trillion in Eatcrapistan, so why not throw a couple trillion more at the problem?

    Let’s get out and let Karzai do whatever he does.

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