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  1. Inorder to visualize three dimensions of the calamities which being attacking Bahrain, dissection should have been performed neutrally with no fanaticism,favoritism or malice for reform and fight against corruption is legitimate provided that performed peacefully and not leading to vandalism,blocking roads with burning tires,calling to overthrow the king,fomenting to civil disobedience,assaults…etc. .

    The atrocities committed by claimants reforms “demonstrators” in and around the roundabout Pearl and other places, can not be named as a peaceful marches, where the evidence and scenes indicate definitely that the purpose behind these atrocities and sabotage committed by the protesters do not take place in the context of peaceful marches. That the demands of protesters and the opposition began to unfold more and more as addressed by the Bahraini security forces, we have seen pictures of turbaned Iranians and other Shiite authorities abroad carried by the demonstrators and pictures of Al-Khalifa, trampled underfoot .. Tehran has condmend Bahraini forces using phrases like threats. While we did not hear any of the Arab regimes use words of condemnation of the killing, torture and the gallows of the Sunnis in the marsh area in the west of Iran .. It’s getting clear that Bahraini opposition is part of the agenda of a very serious goal aiming to liquidate and crush the Sunnis and so to win Shiite home land -called “Bahrain Grand” stretching from Kuwait, through the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Oman ..
    The below link shows how they plan to annex and fabricating false claims .

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