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  1. The Chinese are also pursuing submarines, by far the best choice for a modern navy. The day of surface ships has probably ended, though it may (sadly) take a shooting war for that to bear out.

    In a shooting war at sea there will be two types of vessels: submarines and targets. All will be underwater at conclusion of battle.

    People think the Spaniards abandoned the heavy galleons after the Brits handily defeated their Armada in 1588; actually the Spaniards had to suffer repeated bad luck with their heavy Armadas before they adapted.

    Good and spartan management of the US Navy could save lives and save productive taxpayers trillions of dollars in coming decades.

    Bureaucratic ossification will likely prevent such management.

  2. sasdigger

    By now it must be clear that if the Admiral were to give his honest opinion on Chinese bad manners—his days would be numbered as so many other military leaders found out by being fired for failing to lock-step to the leftist, liberal and progressive weakening of our armed forces and deliberate destruction of America’s war-winning capabilities.

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