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  1. Seattle Sam

    Until men organize as a grievance group with the Democrats, your prediction will be accurate.

    What this country really needs is a Handicapper General to ensure that there are no disparities by age, sex, race, IQ or any other imaginable division.

    1. I’m Diana Moon Glampers, and I’m here to help.

      1. morganovich


        “hey, what are you doing with that shotgun?”


      2. John Dewey

        Vonnegut didn’t understand economics (“Player Piano”), but he did understand the foolishness of promoting equality of outcomes.

    2. If this were a natural thing – I wouldn’t mind so much but the entire education system from kindergarten on has been regeared towards women. The boys instead of being their wild selves are being drugged into a stupor. The educational material has been changed to favor girl topics. There is an entire industry in preparing girls to go to college while ignoring men.

      Because of this it is a surprise that women are 41% more represented in grad school – when women outnumber men almost 50% as undergrads.

  2. Women are gaining doctorate degrees in valueless or low value fields, then wonder why they don’t make as much as men on average. I laugh in their face.

    1. They actually make more…. but in the Public Sector.

      All such women will get paid $300K for some government job.

      Recall that Michelle Obama was paid $320K/year for a token position at a hospital because her husband was the US Senator from IL. When she left the job to go live in the whitehouse, the hospital never backfilled the position, indicating that the role was not needed for the operation of that hospital.

      A lot of these PhD women are going to be paid a LOT in the public sector, perhaps 5x as much as they could make in the private sector without government intervention on their behalf.

  3. A piece of this is the raising of the name of the degree in a number of health care fields. For example there did not used to be doctorates in nursing, nor physical therapy, today in physical therapy a Doctorate in Physical Therapy is the equivalent of the old Masters. (The Health care ratio is so skewed because the idea that allied health professions now need doctoral level credentials).
    So in some areas likely the professions women are more likely to enter, the degree requirements have gone up.

  4. Here is a poll on whether misandry has become too common in society.

    To my surprise, the poll is trending 90% yes vs. just 7% claiming that women are still oppressed.

    Now, anonymous Internet polling sometimes translates into real-world activism….. sometimes.

    There is also a growing recognition, after the Hugo Schwyzer meltdown, that ‘male feminists’ are usually sleazy predators, using that cloak to hide their real agenda.

    1. morganovich


      a poll at the end of a barely coherent rant promoting patriarchy and sex war is going to be a poll of guys that live in their mom’s basements and dream of being “players” in “the game” and like to imagine that they are really alpha males being held down by women when, in fact, they are just omegas desperate to validate themselves.

      we could get the same results for “aliens are among us” or “al gore deserves his nobel prize ” if we put the poll at the end of the right content.

      there lots of reasons to oppose affirmative action and to call comments like bill’s out for being the nonsense that they are, but your continual attempts to take it to the flip side of patriarchy and female submission are just obvious attempts to paper over your own inadequacies by blaming others for your shortcomings.

      how anyone who is pro patriarchy can go after to morality of those who seek to advance another gender or race and not see that they are a complete hypocrite is just beyond me.

      you seek to dominate others but complain when they try to do likewise?

      wake up and smell what you are shoveling son.

      1. I agree that a “poll” that elicits fewer than 7 thousand responses after more than a year isn’t very reliable.

        I would point out, however, that your comment is highly accusatory. It did not need to be phrased that way.

        The poll may not be good evidence, but a personal attack on the person citing the poll is not warranted.

        1. morganovich


          there’s a history here. trust me, it IS warranted. toads has loathsome views that are as despicable as they are hypocritical.

          by all means, read the article to which toads’ “poll” is attached. he crops up on thread after thread pushing the gender equivalent of white supremacy. do not take my word for it. please, read it yourself and some of the charming links like “patriarchy works” and make your own decision.

          i suspect that 10 minutes of reading will lead you to agree that what you term “personal attacks” are actually extremely generous descriptions.

          it’s pro patriarchy drivel with a side order of woman hating and fantasy about being a “player”.

          skip down to the 4 horsemen of male emancipation section:

          1. learning to lie and manipulate.

          2. porn

          3. moving to countries where women know their place

          and something incoherent about not wanting to give them money and or pay taxes.

          my comment is based on facts from toad’s own links.

          so, perhaps you ought to familiarize yourself with their content before making a judgement here.

          if someone liked to white power hate sites, you’d be perfect just in accusing them of bigotry.

          this is precisely the same.

          read the material on the site that carries that poll, then decide.

  5. Citizen Buddy

    Women are receiving the vast majority of almost all degrees, ex STEM. So, how can Bill Clinton keep a straight face when he declares on September 29, 2013:

    “What would it do for the American economy if the 25% pay gap that still persists, actually 23 cents on the dollar between women and men doing the same kind of work, what would it do for us if we could eliminate it?”???

  6. No, it will not be reported and it will not be studied. In order to have classes of victims, one must also have a class of offenders. White males, unless they fall into a victim class, are the offenders. White males who are challenged in other capacities are simply out of luck.

  7. John Dewey

    I realize this post is about gender, but I am saddened when I look at the data at the link. 100,000 people are enrolled in Arts and Humanities graduate programs, 130,000 in Social and Behavioral graduate programs. Why are so many bright young people spending so much time and money to learn knowledge they will not likely be able to employ?

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