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Discussion: (10 comments)

  1. Isn’t it funny how the “worlds smartest man” is constantly being misunderstood? He just keeps thinking we “misunderstood” him but the truth is, we understand him perfectly.

    Frankly, Its us that he doesn’t understand. We are a mystery to him.

  2. I believe his comments are creating an urgency to have him ousted in this next election. As Herman Cain said, CEOs can no longer sit back and deal with what comes at them. The same goes for entrepreneurs, we need to take a little focus off our businesses and work to elect leaders that have some fiscal understanding.

    1. I think the Elite have already rigged the results for barry but they want him to sweat enough and feel backed into a corner so he’ll do their AGENDA real soon, most likely before the election.
      But what will that Agenda be? WWIII?

  3. It was a Freudian Slip as to how obama feels about his own “accomplishments”

    1. Tom in NE

      Spot on. He doesn’t respect achievement bc his world revolves around the Chicago Way. His buddies got theirs through corruption and inside deals, not meritocracy.

  4. Lies and lies and more lies. That is not what the President said. He said businesses need roads and bridges to take customers and products, etc., if you’re a small business, you didn’t build that! Stop your lies!

  5. Sam_Iam

    He is attacking those who make less than $100k now

  6. Like all Marxists, Obama is both remarkably ignorant of how the free market functions, and arrogantly confident of his ability to control it from the top down.

  7. Vince O'Mahony

    I generally agree with all of the previous posts. But I think the writer completely misses the point with–

    “Maybe Obama doesn’t understand how damaging and corrosive these sorts of statements and speeches, repeated over and over, might potentially be?”

    As a Marxist, Obama really believes that the economy is created and run by Central Planners. Having never worked at a real job at any time in his life, he is fundamentally anti-Capitalist, and from time to time he forgets that he’s speaking to Americans and not the gang of Marxists he brought to Washington as “czars”. Or in his case, Commissars, conrade.

  8. Jeff Perren

    “Why the president would chose now to de-emphasize the role of private innovation and entrepreneurs in propelling the American economy is puzzling”

    Because that is who he is. See the laudatory 1995 Chicago Reader profile recently republished. He’s a collectivist, so he will always minimize the value of individual effort.

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