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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. I’d like to know how American teachers qualifications compare to their counterparts in Europe and Asia – who clean our clocks on achievement tests.

    I’m a bit suspicious that our teachers are not well qualified but I’d certainly be convinced by real data.

  2. In California, there are tests to pass to become a teacher. They’re not easy and not all pass them. I wouldn’t have a problem with all states having similar tests but have no clue if they already do.

    1. Jon Murphy

      Massachusetts has the MTELs. I imagine most states have some kind of test.

      1. Most states do and most teachers who teach are qualified according to those tests and other qualifications.

        The conventional wisdom seems to be that the reason we do bad at international comparisons is that we have many more “bad” teachers.

        I’ve never seen metrics that support that and I’m skeptical that our dismal performance is not more institutional rather than “bad” teachers.

        Even schools in states that are right-to-work and teachers can be easily fired – don’t do any better than the union states do.

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