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Discussion: (3 comments)

  1. Obama 2008: “Yes we can”
    Obama 2012: “No you didn’t”
    Election2012 Capitalism or Socialism. Your choice.
    Let America Be America again, Vote Romney 2012!

  2. Dan Brennan

    Warren says and I quote. “the factory owner would not have a business because the rest of us paid for the roads” The rest of us? Didn’t the factory owner pay his share? As ridiculous as this comment is, at least she could of said “that all of us paid for” instead of “the rest of us”. In fact, not only does the factory owner pay taxes, all of his employees also pay taxes. Therefore, the road to the factory was in fact paid for by the factory owner. Dare I say if not for successful people paying their taxes we would not have any roads. Oh! I forgot. We would just borrow the money from China to build the roads. If you haven’t heard of China, its’ the country Warren wants us to be more like.

  3. Dan Brennan

    “You didn’t build that” I didn’t physically build roads and bridges but I sure did pitch in a hell of a lot of money to have them built. Obama says “you didn’t get there without teachers”. My real estate tax bill has been very high and paid it over the last 25+ years so I did in fact pay for my teacher. “My business will not work without roads”. My business is successful. I pay more in taxes than the average person. Therefore, I pitch in for said roads more than the average person. He tries to make it sound like all this stuff is free. WE paid for it all. In fact, if it wasn’t for all the government corruption, we would have solid gold highways.

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