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Discussion: (3 comments)

  1. Interesting list, but why isn’t Washington Mutual in it? It would have been the largest thrift through many of the years in question. Perhaps because it began life as a state-chartered mutual savings bank, not as an S&L? But some of the others on the list (e.g., Dime) may also have been mutual savings banks, at least until they went public and sold stock. Can anyone clarify this?

    1. alex pollock

      They didn’t make the top 25 list in 1983, although several of those who did were later acquired by WaMu and shared its fate. Thanks for reading my essay. Alex Pollock

  2. Wayne Abernathy

    Of course, the sequel should be, of the top 25 banks in 1983, how many are still around? No fair counting banks with the same name but which have actually since been acquired by other banks which kept the name of the bank that they acquired, such as Bank of America (acquired by NationsBank) and Wells Fargo (acquired by NorWest).

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