Alexander Russo

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This paper provides a candid look at what grantmakers and grantees think about the evolutions that have taken place over the past decade and what lessons they provide going forward.

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Director Davis Guggenheim (R) and Bill Gates attend a news conference to promote the film "Waiting For Superman" during the 35th Toronto International Film Festival September 11, 2010.

The popular 2010 Davis Guggenheim education documentary Waiting for “Superman” was a hard-hitting effort that attracted massive media attention and heated public debate.¬† But what was the long-term impact of the film? And what lessons does it hold¬† for education funders and nonprofit leaders who use mass media films and social impact campaigns as part of their advocacy efforts?

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Teach for America, one of the nation’s best-known advocacy groups, endured a trial by fire as it found its way into the education policy sphere. The lessons it learned can inform other similar organizations.

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AEI scholar Alexander Russo takes a look at the efforts of Ed in ’08

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ED in ’08, an effort to make education a central issue in the 2008 campaign, did not have much of an immediate impact, yet it has had a much more significant legacy than is often acknowledged when it comes to current issues like the Common Core State Standards and teacher evaluation.

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