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Universities have two contradictory traditions: one of searching for truth and, alongside it, one of mindless, self-righteous protests. The Rutgers University protests against giving Condoleezza Rice an honorary degree at the 2014 Commencement belongs to the second tradition.

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The Looming Student Loan Crisis - feat. image

Failure to scrutinize employment income contributed to the housing crisis and now threatens student loans, which total more than $1 trillion.

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Student Loans for Dummies - feat. image

Accumulated student loan debt now totals $1 trillion. The Super Committee should fix the student loan program by requiring evidence of ability to repay guaranteed loans.

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The revenge of the unemployed graduates

The powder keg underlying explosive discontent in the Arab Middle East was – and remains — the disconnect between the economy and the system of higher education.

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Colleges as launching pads to adulthood

Unlike Peter Pan, most young people want to grow up, and attending college may help them do so.

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What's Your School's Graduation Rate?

A side effect of the risk-assessment approach to student loans is to nudge the student cultures of college campuses in the direction of making responsible adult behavior more respectable.

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Beware College Rankings

A change in the federal student loan program can potentially produce more studious behavior from many students, not only in college but also in primary and secondary schools.

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Incentives Work for Pigeons. Can They Motivate American College Students? - feat. image

How to improve the academic atmosphere of contemporary high schools and colleges.

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The "Courage" to Spend

Before World War II, academically excellent students from families unable to afford college for them could apply for scholarships available to outstanding students, but scholarships were scarce. The federal government itself did not then make direct grants to individual high school students to enable them to attend college, as it does now.

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That Freshman Course Won't Be Quite the Same

Properly targeted incentives can improve not only remediation programs for underprepared college students but also can reduce the number of underprepared college students enrolled in American colleges and universities.

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