John Hoff

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Flawed results by OECD have been used to call for health care reform in the U.S.

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Although the United States spends more on health care than other developed countries, reports have indicated inferior US health system performance. But the methodology behind such comparisons turns out to be far from accurate.

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The Contradictions of ObamaCare - feat. image

Why does Health and Human Services want to exempt millions of consumers from an ObamaCare regulation it just implemented to protect consumers?

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Jonathan Gruber's Real Mistake - feat. image

The problem is not that he took money from the administration. It’s that he’s just wrong.

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Our Kickback Future - feat. image

Enacting the healthcare bill will not end unsightly deal making. Just the opposite.

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Eliminating the Public Option Is Not Enough  - feat. image

Even if the public option is excised, the healthcare bill still would impose a heavy blanket of federal regulation on every aspect of healthcare.

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Cover of Responsible Tax Credits for Health Insurance (detail)

The authors chronicle changes in U.S. attitudes about health care and consider policy trade-offs and problems of a tax credit/voucher system to finance health insurance.

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John S. Hoff describes the provisions of Medicare that effectively prohibit Medicare beneficiaries from going outside Medicare and paying their physicians for care when they choose to do so.

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