John L. Chapman

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It’s Time for Pro-Growth Monetary Reform - feat. image

Nixon’s decision four decades ago to end the gold-exchange standard was a catastrophic error. Today, sustainable global prosperity requires the restoration of sound money.

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Economic Justice and Economic Growth

Is economic growth the highest priority in Obama’s Washington?

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Lenin's Take on Current Events

What would Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, think of modern American history, all the way up to and including President Obama?

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Folly of Cash for Clunkers

Cash for clunkers is another lesson in how a bureaucratic economy operates, one which denizens of European welfare states and their 30 percent lower standard of living know all too well.

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Comment on Leonard E. Burman, "A Blueprint for Tax Reform and Health Reform"

The best investment plays are now overseas: all dollar-denominated assets are going to be punished as this stimulus spending kicks in.

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A Sound Dollar is the Key to Recovery - feat. image

Without it, we will be facing stagflation.

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Don’t Blame the Speculators - feat. image

Increased speculation in oil futures is not a cause of rising oil prices, but rather an effect of those prices.

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Bolstering the Buck - feat. image

The Fed’s weak-dollar policy has had disastrous consequences. Strengthening the greenback must now be a top priority.

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Will the U.S. economy improve or worsen between now and Election Day in November?

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The Fed needs to strengthen thedollar in orderto promotelong-run prosperity and maximal growth.

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