Newt Gingrich

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The State of Our Terrorist Detention Policy

Another shutdown of the federal government is not an ideal result, but for House Republicans, breaking their word would be far worse.

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Reagan Was a Beacon to Guide Us

Ronald Reagan’s legacy was as a “citizen politician” one who governed by listening to the American people.

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From Runt of the Litter to Liberal Lion

Several states have recently shown that they can save on costs without compromising public safety by intelligently reducing their prison populations.

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Medicine in the Facebook Age

Mark Zuckerberg probably never dreamed when he invented Facebook to connect college students that it would someday save a life.

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Obama Is Making Bush's Big Mistake on Russia

Observers have raised concerns regarding the START treaty, including several serious amendments that the Senate should consider and debate before bringing it up for a vote.

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The GOP's Comeback Tea Party

From rejection to replacement, states should be leaders in the transformation of prosperity, safety and freedom.

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Newt Gingrich addresses the Institute for Policy Innovation at the event, “Reclaiming Liberty.”

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This novel is a tour-de-force about endurance, survival, transformation, and rebirth. Washington and his Continental Army, against all odds, will be forged into a fighting force that will win a revolution.

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Who Decides on Health Care Value?

A variety of schemes combined steal as much as $100 billion a year from Medicare and Medicaid alone, and it is time to stop that epidemic.

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Should a Mosque Be Built Near the 9/11 Terror Attack Site?

The proposed construction of a mosque near the 9/11 terrorist attack site is a test to see if we have the resolve to face down an ideology that aims to destroy religious liberty in America, and every other freedom we hold dear.

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