Paul H. Rubin

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Can Deregulation Work?

Paul Rubin discusses deregulation and the obstacles that stand in the way of President Obama’s initiative.

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Defending Free Trade

As polls show voters increasingly skeptical of the benefits of international trade, many politicians are campaigning against free trade and outsourcing.

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Net Neutrality's Threat to the Future of Media

Privacy on the Web is a constant issue for public discussion. Congress is always considering more regulations on the use of information about people’s habits, interests, or preferences on the Internet.

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A Gulf Spill Tort Primer

The Gulf Coast oil spill offers an opportunity to reflect on the basic principles of tort law, which makes clear that in this case full economic damages are appropriate but punitive damages should not be pursued.

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Why Is the Gulf Cleanup So Slow?

While there may not be many viable options to stop oil from spilling into the Gulf, there are obvious actions that can be taken to improve cleanup efforts, but the Obama administration is resisting these remedies.

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Don't Give Away the Cap-and-Trade Permits!

While the Obama admistration’s response to the Gulf spill has been plagued by federal failures, Obama has been given a free ride from the media, a stark contrast to its treatment of George W. Bush in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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How do item pricing laws actually work?

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Tort reform may save lives.

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Paul Rubin, professor of economics and law at Emory University, demonstrates why certain political-moral philosophies succeed or fail in modern Western culture.

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