Roger Bate is an economist who researches international health policy, with a particular focus on tropical disease and substandard and counterfeit medicines. He also writes on general development policy in Asia and Africa. He writes regularly for AEI’s Health Policy Outlook.


  • Board Member and Director, Africa Fighting Malaria (United States and South Africa), 2000-present
  • Fellow, 2000-present; Founder and Director, Environmental Unit, 1993-2003, Institute of Economic Affairs
  • Fellow, 2003; Director, 2001-2003, International Policy Network
  • Founder, Frederick Bastiat International Journalism Prize, 2001
  • Cofounder and Director, European Science and Environment Forum, 1995-2001
  • Research Analyst, Warburg Securities and Charles Stanley & Co., 1986-89


Ph.D., economics; MPhil., land economy, University of Cambridge
MSc., environmental and resource management, University College, London University
B.A., economics, Thames Valley University