The growth in the size and scope of the federal government represents a direct threat to the values AEI shares with the private sector—the engine of America's freedom and prosperity.  Corporate support of the institute helps AEI scholars evaluate the impact of policy proposals and regulations, advance market-oriented reforms, and share their work with leaders best positioned to deliver results.

AEI is an independent, nonpartisan research organization that does not perform contract research.  In all of their endeavors, AEI trustees, scholars and fellows, officers, and staff maintain the highest standards of integrity, intellectual rigor, and independence—and sustain AEI's founding commitment to open inquiry, lucid exposition, vigorous debate, and continuous improvement in the institutions of American liberty.

Why do corporations give to AEI?

To support free enterprise and earned success–values shared by 70% of Americans.

To gain access to the leading scholars in the most important policy areas for executive briefings and knowledge sharing.

To participate in the generation of new ideas, based on data and rigorous analysis, that will change public policy for the better.

To take a leadership role in an exclusive community of patriotic and committed leaders in Washingon, DC, and from throughout the country and world.


Corporate Leadership Circle - $100,000

Executive Circle - $50,000

Member - $25,000

For more information regarding AEI's corporate program or corporate donations generally, please contact Windle Jarvis, senior development manager ([email protected]; 202.862.5906).

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