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"The American Enterprise Institute is one of those places where serious matters receive serious attention."Vice President Richard B. Cheney, September 10, 2014

“I want to thank AEI for your commitment to the free exchange of ideas, which is such a vital part of a free society and strengthens our democracy and our economy.”

Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), April 28, 2014

“This institute has been at the center for the debate about American foreign policy for decades and the work that your scholars produce on a daily basis has been a great help to me throughout my three years in the US Senate.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), November 20, 2013

“This is the American Enterprise Institute in a nutshell – brainy, research-oriented and waging the fight to make, as corny as it sounds, the country a better place…. The adage that conservatism is about standing athwart history shouting “Stop!” is not what animates Brooks, AEI or many of those involved in the battle of ideas. ‘I want to change the course of the river,’ he says. Right now, no think tank is doing a better job of that."

Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

"The most important American scholarship comes out of our think tanks, and no think tank has been more influential than the American Enterprise Institute."

Ronald Reagan, receiving the 1988 Francis Boyer Award, December 7, 1988

"If you believe that careful research ought to inform public policy, then you must follow closely what is done at AEI. There gifted scholars produce exceptional studies that make a difference to people who care about freedom, culture, the economy, and national defense."

James Q. Wilson

"AEI has been an indispensable resource to policymakers like myself for many years but more recently, I would argue, AEI has done a much better job integrating with policymakers, giving us digestible ideas, papers, and things to move forward on.  What I see AEI doing is serving as one of the beachheads of the modern conservative movement."

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), December 2, 2010

"[Washington's] most influential think tank."

The Economist, 2006

"[AEI scholar] Peter Wallison saw Fannie Mae's troubles coming 25 years ago…But getting anyone to do anything about the congressionally chartered mortgages company and its unusual vulnerabilities proved futile, even after Mr. Wallison began writing books warning that it and sister company Freddie Mac could take advantage of their government ties and relative lack of regulation to grow too large."

John D. McKinnon, The Wall Street Journal,
referring to AEI scholar Peter Wallison's prophetic warnings
about the dangers of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, July 12, 2008

"Without question, the American Enterprise Institute is one of the most influential think tanks in D.C. The joke is that AEI's building in downtown Washington houses more conservative intellectuals than most European nations."

Washington Examiner, 2009

"The danger is, of course, that people who believe the government can manage the economy better than the private sector will use this decision as an excuse to keep government involved. And that's why AEI is going to be important long after my presidency, to be talking about the merits of markets and the merits of free enterprise."

President George W. Bush, December 18, 2008

"I've served as an AEI trustee for more than 15 years.  AEI understands the ideas that have made America so successful: free enterprise, individual liberty, the rule of law, and an educated citizenry.  That's how it earns my support, year-in and year-out."

Ed Rust, Chairman and CEO, State Farm Insurance Companies, December 2010

“AEI is the most interesting and influential think tank in the world.”

Jonah Goldberg, National Review Online, December 2012

"AEI has emerged as one of the most important public policy institutions in our country. From deregulation in the 1980s to welfare reform in the 1990s to the war on terror today, AEI scholars have consistently produced pioneering work that has bettered the lives of our citizens and our world."

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (I-CT), September 11, 2008

"The American Enterprise Institute, over the years, has consistently defended fundamental freedoms, both personal and economic. It has stoically resisted the insidious tide of political correctness in so many facets of our daily lives.  It has frequently displayed great policy courage--often facing a chorus of ridicule and dissent. This was recently the case regarding the surge in Iraq, a subject to which I will return later.  Most prominently, though, this Institute has always understood the relentless force of ideas and values in shaping societies."

John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia, March 5, 2008

"'When does AEI start trumping the Joint Chiefs of Staff on this stuff?' Schoomaker asked at the next chiefs' meeting."

Bob Woodward in a 2008, Washington Post article about
General Jack Keane briefing President Bush on a new Iraq strategy

"...Washington's most audacious and interesting think tank, the American Enterprise Institute"

Andy Ferguson, The Weekly Standard, May 14, 2007

"[AEI] is an extraordinary organization and contributes mightly to the big issues of the day, and for those who are involved in making decisions as they formulate their opinions and their views, [AEI] plays an important role in helping get that done."

Senator John Thune (R-SD), September 16, 2010

"AEI has done a masterful job of fostering discussion and debate on the issues that affect America and affect the world."

Representative Peter Hoekstra (R-MI), September 20, 2006

"...AEI has become renowned for its scholarship, the care and precision of its work, the influence and commitment to important ideas. No think-tank in this city can match what AEI does."

Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the President Karl Rove, May 15, 2006

"In 1979-80, the American Enterprise Institute asked me to come across as a visiting professor for a year. . . that is where I did the basic research--or a lot of it--for my book, Modern Times. . . [T]hat was a hugely useful and absolutely fascinating experience to me. I've always been very grateful to the AEI for making it possible. It was one of the most valuable years I've ever spent in my life."

Author and historian Paul Johnson, February 7, 2010

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