Why Should I Invest in AEI?

  • AEI is a community of scholars and supporters guided by three unchanging ideals: expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise.

  • AEI's more than sixty fulltime scholars address the broad range of public policy issues—in economics, politics, culture, foreign affairs, and national defense.

  • AEI has had more impact than any other policy organization in America. Its work is empirical, evidence-based, and characterized by open debate and independent thinking.

  • AEI is the think tank that brought you the Surge...and repeated warnings (alas, ignored) about the financial markets crisis. AEI has always spoken—and will continue to speak—truth to power.

  • AEI sees in today's economic and political circumstances not only great challenge but also great opportunity. The Institute is promoting market-driven approaches as the solution to our current woes and not their cause.

  • AEI lives or dies on the strength of its ideas—and on its ability to join with our community of supporters (individual, corporate, and foundation) who share those ideas.

  • AEI receives the highest four-star ranking of financial efficiency from Charity Navigator, the nation's most utilized evaluator of nonprofit organizations.

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