Alternative Energy

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The economics of electric vehicles (EVs) are making more and more sense all the time, thanks to advances in “Made in the USA” automotive and battery technologies.

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Working on an economic story today? Here’s the latest from AEI experts on today’s economic stories.

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The tragic reality of Earth Day 2015: Expensive power equals less life.

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Michigan will require additional capacity, along with improvements in demand management and efficiency to meet its energy needs. Using more renewable sources will help only modestly. Nuclear power needs to play a central role.

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Retiring the Jones Act – the nearly century-old legislative relic of the past that drives up energy prices and conflicts with the U.S. goal of achieving greater energy independence – is long overdue.

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The impact of the shale revolution in the United States on global energy markets has been huge.

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Several new energy milestones were reached recently that reflect America’s emerging status as an energy superpower.

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A balanced mix of energy options is an essential characteristic of a robust and resilient system.

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The Ivanpah solar plant has produced about one-quarter the energy promised. Now the owners of the project have applied for a half-billion-dollar grant to pay off a large portion of its original federally guaranteed loan.

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