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Arthur Brooks explores the art of disagreement. Against the backdrop of a toxic political climate, he believes the issue with our discourse is not that we disagree too much, but that we’ve forgotten how to disagree well. Different perspectives and diverse views aren’t cause to shy away from conversations. To the contrary, they’re a sign to dig deeper—because that’s when things start getting interesting.

Loving our enemies may seem like a noble goal, but how do we actually do it? In the fourth episode, Arthur looks at how former enemies have reconciled, the barriers that keep us from doing so, and how we can apply the lessons of love and reconciliation to modern political conflicts.

America is suffering from an epidemic of loneliness. In the third episode, Arthur uncovers what is driving the decline of intimate friendship in the U.S. and how we can build the kinds of friendships we most deeply desire.

Most Americans are not engaged in their daily work. In the second episode, Arthur explores why so many of us are dissatisfied with our jobs, what meaningful work entails, and how we can find work that we love.

Americans are taking fewer risks with their hearts. In the first episode of the second season, Arthur discusses generational differences in romantic risk-taking, our preoccupation with emotional safety, and the benefits of being a life entrepreneur.

an adorable elderly couple holds hands while wearing matching sports jersey celebrating their 70 years of marriage

Evidence suggests that fewer Americans are taking risks for love. In an increasingly romanceless culture, we need more life entrepreneurs who are willing to put their hearts on the line.

The Arthur Brooks Show is back with a new season on love: why we need it and how we can get more of it in all areas of our lives.

Disagreement benefits us in a number of ways. But is it sustainable to disagree about everything? The final episode of the podcast’s first season addresses the moral consensus around which our public debates should revolve.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number and scope of problems we face both at home and abroad. Episode 7 of The Arthur Brooks Show looks at why “thinking small” may hold the key to addressing our biggest challenges.

Is there a crisis of viewpoint diversity on America’s college campuses? Episode 6 of The Arthur Brooks Show examines the evidence and explains why a true competition of ideas in academia is so important.

In Episode 5 of The Arthur Brooks Show, Arthur talks to John Gottman about how we can keep contempt out of  both our personal and national disagreements.

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