Conventional Energy

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The tragic reality of Earth Day 2015: Expensive power equals less life.

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The current ban on oil exports represents an unacceptable repudiation of free trade, one of the bedrock economic principles of US foreign policy.

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Dianna Ingram/Bergman Group

This weekend, Republican presidential candidates will gather at the Iowa Agricultural Summit and be confronted with a difficult choice: Will they risk support among Iowan corn and soybean farmers by opposing wasteful agricultural subsidies?

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If American political leaders turn the nation’s increased energy production into power, the United States will have good strategic options to deal with any new Chinese challenge. This strength is the safest, best way to persuade China to choose comity over rivalry.

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Retiring the Jones Act – the nearly century-old legislative relic of the past that drives up energy prices and conflicts with the U.S. goal of achieving greater energy independence – is long overdue.

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The impact of the shale revolution in the United States on global energy markets has been huge.

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Several new energy milestones were reached recently that reflect America’s emerging status as an energy superpower.

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The recent EPA comment on the State Department analysis of the Keystone XL pipeline is nonsense, arguing that the pipeline would increase global greenhouse gas emissions. In reality, the Canadian oil will be produced, and the only questions are where it will be refined and at what higher cost.

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A balanced mix of energy options is an essential characteristic of a robust and resilient system.

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Ben Zycher explains how the crude oil transport system currently works, what the Keystone XL project will do to change that, and why the political back-and-forth has become so polarized.

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