Father and daughter, @maria_foto via Twenty20

Public policies designed to promote healthy fatherhood should not lose sight of the importance of also strengthening marriage in America.

A teddy bear and child plush toy are seen in a crib through the slats

We should care that fertility is falling because women want a higher fertility rate, along with seismic economic consequences and how babies can transform lives.

For all the arguments between feminism and faith, it turns out that both have had a hand in sustaining and enriching today’s marriages.

How the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints manages LGBT issues may determine what the church looks like in the next few decades.

The ebb and flow of happiness in America is clearly linked to the quality and character of our social ties — including our friendships, community ties, and marriage. It’s also linked, specifically, to the frequency with which we have sex.

Healthy marriages and families matter, and are hugely influential on long-term outcomes for kids. In other words, marriage, by definition, is a public good that deserves public endorsement and support.

Mormon exceptionalism | IN 60 SECONDS

In an era marked by religious decline, Mormons have held their own particularly well. AEI’s Daniel A. Cox breaks down the factors that have kept the Mormon population alive and well for so long.

an isolated figure is seen in the cold through a wrought iron fence

There is no doubt about it: America has a loneliness epidemic. Millions of Americans suffer from strong feelings of alienation, and that number only seems to be increasing.

Success is not a sequence | IN 60 SECONDS

There are some steps a person can take to have a good chance at finding happiness and avoiding poverty in life, but despite what some researchers say, the truth is a little more complicated than a simple sequence.

This Valentine’s Day, consider breaking out of your political comfort zone. Swipe right on someone whose beliefs challenge yours. If you find yourself in a relationship where your values are at odds, remind yourself to be patient, be kind, and to listen. Be passionate about your values, but be more passionate about what brings you together.

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