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The U.S. suspended its threat to impose tariffs on $150 billion in Chinese imports to the U.S. while negotiations with China continue, but President Trump could still impose tariffs if a deal between the two countries doesn’t progress. Experts discuss Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s comments that a trade war with China is “on hold.”

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What do Americans think about the United States’s tariffs on trade with China? AEI’s Karlyn Bowman looks at the polling data to find out.

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economists need to think like physicists

Pro-growth economic policies are really pro-network, pro-connection policies that enable more educated humans to more easily acquire and communicate knowledge over large networks.

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trump and nafta

For Americans, NAFTA has meant market access to affordable consumer products, reliable energy supplies, millions of jobs, new energy export markets and greater energy security.

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When serious negotiations begin again with China, the Trump administration should place ZTE’s future in the US on the negotiating agenda. But it should exact a price.

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If ZTE gets away with breaking American law, President Trump will be guilty of exactly what he correctly accused his predecessors of doing — letting the Chinese Communist Party harm the United States.

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US-China trade negotiations

The US has a strong case and compelling incentives to confront China’s entrenched protectionist state capitalism in trade negotiations.

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trumps trade wars hurt economic recovery

The tariffs proposed by the White House may be the president’s real policy or bargaining chips in his negotiating strategy. In either case, the posturing needs to end and the policy making needs to begin.

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us and Germany trade collision course

The United States and Germany are on a collision course regarding Germany’s outsized trade surplus.

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It is not clear at this point whether US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is engaging in a last-ditch bluff or is ready to scrap NAFTA completely and place the blame on Mexico and Canada, as his belligerent boss has always preferred.

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