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While past American presidents have dinged the Federal Reserve from time to time, today was something different and remarkable — even for the Trump presidency.

China’s rise will raise serious challenges to India’s commitment to democracy.

America has serious strategic interests in Greenland.

There are plenty of conventional initiatives we could pursue to fight kleptocracy, but none compare to the simplicity of a deck of playing cards.

Any misstep Trump makes will turn the partnership between the United States and Poland into a partisan issue and do irreparable damage once the government in Warsaw changes.

Big Tech is ruining the US economy, say some activists, politicians, and pundits. And these worriers wish Washington were as assertive as Brussels in dealing with America’s monopolistic monsters. Oh, and one other thing: Europe is trying to build its own tech titans.

Questions have arisen over lax procedures in the New York federal prison in which Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself. Experts discuss the failure to keep him alive and the ramifications for public trust in our prison system.

What is Auftragstaktik? | DEFINE

A brief definition of Auftragstaktik (mission tactics) by AEI’s Kenneth M. Pollack.

The CDC reported that 150 cases of severe lung disease are linked to vaping in sixteen states. Experts discuss the challenge that this poses for health regulators.

Congress may be in recess, but the patent eligibility debate plods on with dueling letters to policymakers disputing the effects of proposed reform.

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