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Join us for the Policy Simulation Library DC meeting hosted by AEI’s Open Source Policy Center to learn how computational simulation models are used to inform public policy decision-making.

The range of “can we?” questions posed by accelerating, AI-driven technological advancement are, for good and ill, effectively limitless. The Stanford’s new Institute on Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence could make a significant contribution to the public dialogue by opening up a conversation about the equally infinite, and perhaps more critical, “should we?”


President Trump didn’t collude with Russia and he sincerely thought the investigation on the matter was a politically motivated witch hunt.

It’s too early to tell whether the corporate tax cuts are working. The first place to look is investment. And it’s hard to disentangle the investment effect of the 2017 tax law from fiscal stimulus, regulatory reform, the president’s misguided trade policy and action by the Federal Reserve.

There’s no problem keeping a campus safe for speakers. There’s only a problem with campus administrators who have renounced the telos of the university or who lack the courage to defend it.

While three GOP broadband regulation bills currently pending in the House of Representatives classify internet access as a Title I information service, they differ in how they treat network management practices and the rulemaking leeway they give the FCC.

George Mason University economics professor Tyler Cowen rejoins The Remnant for a wide-ranging conversation on big business, liberty, capitalism, and more, inspired by his new book, “Big Business: A Love Letter To An American Anti-Hero.”

bernie sanders flip flops on gun control

12% of Sanders supporters voted for Trump. If Sanders wants to win the White House he needs to win them back. That means he needs Fox News.

Join the American Enterprise Institute and Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School for a discussion on the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

A potential oil discovery threatens to derail Pakistan’s attempt at much needed reform.

On this episode of Banter we discuss why the panic over a “population bomb” is so misguided, what’s causing declining fertility rates across the world, and what these shifting demographics will likely mean for the United States and the world.

Attorney General Barr issued a ruling that could potentially withhold bail from asylum seekers as they await a hearing. Experts discuss the potential impact of this policy.

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