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Join us for the Policy Simulation Library DC meeting hosted by AEI’s Open Source Policy Center to learn how computational simulation models are used to inform public policy decision-making.

In the thrilling conclusion to the epic two-parter with historian David Pietrusza, Jonah and David confront the legacy of Woodrow Wilson, and engage in some Wilson-bashing.

In a news story today rich in irony the Washington Post reports that unionized staffers on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign are demanding the $15 an hour wage the democratic socialist has proposed imposing on employees nationwide through government edict (‘political wage setting’).

Even as some China hawks urge active US effort to undermine Chinese economic progress, particularly as it relates to technology, the communists running the country are proving to be their own worst enemy.

America should return to the moon and build a permanent base there. And then proceed to Mars and build one there, too. But our ambitions shouldn’t stop at the Red Planet, or even in our Solar System. The stars should be our destination.

On July 14-15, the Vera Institute for Justice hosted its fourth convening for Second Chance Pell Sites and Partners in Washington, DC. Overall, the conference was very informative. Here are some takeaways.

To believe that year after year, decade after decade, so many women would continue to act against their own self interest reveals a deep skepticism that people can overall make effective decisions about the broad direction of their  lives. Do so many Americans really lack the capacity for rational action? To doubt human agency is to doubt the very foundation of our democratic capitalist society.

There are nearly 70 million active Twitter users in the U.S. Scooping up a few dozen, or even a few thousand, people with strong opinions and stitching them together to reveal a major trend isn’t journalism or analysis. It’s a kind of fabrication.

Edmund Burke statue by Steven Christe

Burke’s thinking points toward the nation in four distinct ways, which can all help us think about what nationalism actually means in our own time.

The usual way to get balky health care providers to say “Moo” is to pretend to threaten them with leaner rations and then deliver dollars to them later in less transparent ways. As usual, we might hope for better, but we should prepare for further misdirection.

While some have predicted doom for humankind as a result of applications deploying artificial intelligence or autonomous technologies, institutions will remain grounded on the humans whose interests they serve.

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