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Chart of the day: For every 100 girls/women…..

The table above is based on some of the items in the list “For every 100 girls….” that I featured last April on CD here. The list was originally created by Tom Mortenson in 2011 and I updated the list earlier this year with Tom’s permission. Special thanks to Gale Pooley for helping create the table.

The data in the table show that on many, many measures of: a) educational, behavioral and mental health outcomes, b) alcohol, drug addiction, and drug overdoses, c) suicide, murder, violent crimes, and incarceration, d) job fatalities and e) homelessness, boys and men are faring much worse than girls and women. And yet despite the fact that boys and men are at so much greater risk than girls and women on so many different measures, those significant gender disparities that disproportionately and adversely affect men get almost no attention. In fact, it’s girls and women who get a disproportionate amount of attention, resources, and financial support, including:

1. There are women’s centers and women’s commissions on almost every college campus in the country, but not a single men’s center or commission that I’m aware of.

2. In higher education, there is a significant and disproportionate number of sex-specific scholarships, fellowships, awards, initiatives, etc. for female students and faculty. Many of those single-sex, female-only programs are currently being challenged with Title IX complaints to the Office for Civil Rights.

3. From the Obama White House website:

On March 11, 2009, President Obama signed an Executive Order creating the White House Council on Women and Girls. In his remarks at the signing, the President underscored that the purpose of the Council is to ensure that each of the agencies in which they’re charged takes into account the needs of women and girls in the policies they draft, the programs they create, the legislation they support and that the true purpose of our government is to ensure that in America, all things are still possible for all people.

Despite pressure from various groups to address some of the concerns outlined in the table above that disproportionately affect boys and men, Obama refused to create a “White House Council on Men and Boys.”

4. There are hundreds of single-sex, girl-only summer (and other) STEM programs at universities all over the country that illegally discriminate against boys in violation of Title IX’s prohibition of sex discrimination, including sex discrimination against males. More than 70 of those programs are currently being challenged for violating Title IX and more than 30 programs are now subject to federal investigations for civil rights violations. At least six of those programs have either been discontinued, supplemented with boy-only programs, or converted to co-ed programs open to students of all gender identities.

5. Multiple single-sex, girl-only computer science and STEM organizations that exclude boys including Girls Who Code, Latina Girls Code, Black Girls Code, Techbridge Girls, and Project Scientist. Some of those programs are currently being legally challenged with complaints to the Office for Civil Rights when those programs are hosted on the campus of a university that receives federal financial assistance and is therefore required to enforce Title IX’s prohibition of sex discrimination.

6. There are Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE and similar names) departments or units at most major universities like the University of Michigan, Rochester Institute of Technology, Syracuse University. and Georgia Tech. There probably isn’t a single “Men in Science and Engineering” program in the country, and there are very few if any “Men in Nursing” or “Men in Education” programs that address the under-representation of men in those academic fields.

Discussion (79 comments)

  1. geoih says:

    Beliefs taken on faith are not subject to tests of fact or logic. Good facts though.

  2. Citizen Buddy says:

    “And yet despite the fact that boys and men are at so much greater risk than girls and women on so many different measures”

    Despite the growing debilitating risks, more men are getting “woke” and cowering to their gender suppression.

  3. Seattle Sam says:

    Clearly we need to lower academic standards for men like we do for racial minorities. And a program to encourage more female drug use.

  4. Howard Garfinkel says:

    Help is a slippery slope, to be sure. But our elected officials march on fearlessly.

  5. cc says:

    One of the foundations for society is a stable family–children of such families stay in school and out of jail etc. But women do not prefer to marry losers (ie prefer to marry successful men). Divorce rate goes down with income of the husband. Feminists insist on female supremacy but this in the end does not make women happy and is bad for children.

  6. Not Sure says:

    “But women do not prefer to marry losers…”

    More than that, women prefer to not “marry down”, even to those who are not losers. What are all those college educated women going to do when there are not enough high status, successful men to go around? Aside from whining about the unfairness of it all, I mean.

  7. Robert says:

    Almost all municipalities and state and federal agencies discriminate against white males in the selection of professional design engineering consultants by their preference and award of points to what they consider as Minorities (Everyone Except the White Male)

  8. JohnD says:

    Hey cats need homes too.

  9. Seattle Sam says:

    What do you mean? I am assured there are no differences between men and women. Thus the idea of “marrying down” is simply a social construct.

  10. cc says:

    What are women going to do who have to “marry down”? They are going to be unhappy and blame the husband and torture him with their attitude, that will be their solution.

  11. Jo Keely says:

    Sorry guys. This is “payback” over the past 70+ years for the centuries of opposition and abuse heaped on the creatures you men considered “property” for so much of human history. You were the ones in a position to do something about it during all that time and chose not to.

    So quit your whining.

    Live with it.

  12. Emlee Lage says:

    Payback? Geez, Jo maybe the Wizard can give you a heart and a brain to do the math on the age of the guys on this board not having had 70 years of impact.

  13. Not Sure says:

    Generally, payback should go to the party who’s earned it, not just someone who happens to be superficially similar and easier to inflict it on. But what the heck… good enough for government work, right Jo?

  14. Lenny Schafer says:

    This is why it is foolish to pass an equal rights amendment. It would not be used to address inequities suffered by men, but to mostly redistribute government resources to pander to the perceived needs of women. If you think the pay gap is a fiction, wait until you see what inventions of unfairness to women shows up when it passes. Federally mandated title IX “equality” laws were used to set up women’s studies centers at universities while closing down sports enjoyed by men.

  15. Not Sure says:

    “This is why it is foolish to pass an equal rights amendment.”

    No need for it. Any woman who feels discriminated against can identify as a male and get all the benefits Dr. Perry listed above. Problem solved. 🙂

  16. Richard Kent says:

    Missing lines
    Injured/Killed in Military Service
    Wounded in Combat
    Die in Combat

  17. Soup Ninja says:

    Payback. For building societies, creating civilization, hunting, protecting, fighting war, saving women, inventing life- saving medicines and safe childbirth, creating the arts and engineering, designing the modern world, landing on the moon, inventing labor-saving devices such as the washing machine and dishwasher, inventing the printing press, inventing the automobile and then making it safe enough to drive at high speeds, inventing the airplane… I could go on.

    You’re welcome, by the way, ladies.

  18. Tom says:

    If we’re going to go the route of punishing children for the sins of their fathers, instead of equality, then we’re also going to need women to pay back the lives men gave up to protect and defend women and children. And women will need to make amends for the centuries of laws and customs imposing family support obligations exclusively on men, requiring men to bear the responsibility for women’s torts and crimes. Should “payback” also be required for the long history of maternal preference in child custody matters? Women were in a position to do something about unfairness to men in that arena, but chose not to. Should fathers now receive preferential treatment in family courts as payback for the sins of their mothers and grandmothers? Should alimony and child support now be imposed exclusively on women as “payback” for all the years those obligations were imposed exclusively on men? Should men now expect women to fight for them? Should it become the norm for men to dump women who do not us adequate physical protection or financial support?

    The first OSHA laws were enacted by male legislators and originally were exclusively for the benefit of women workers. Should we expect female legislators to now focus primarily on protecting men, rather than both men and women, as “payback” for that?

    The truth is that the “payback” argument is just a lame excuse for practicing bigotry, that is to say, for being selfish and stupid.

  19. Andy Binning says:

    Thank you for compiling and publishing this info!

  20. Molly says:

    I for one will say thank you. Thank you! I love and appreciate everything you men do and everything you contribute. You make life rich, full, and exciting. The way men and boys are devalued and undermined by women in our current society is absolutely wicked.

  21. Mark says:

    What do you expect when the K-12 public schools are run by women for the benefit of girls?

  22. JC says:

    25 to 29 years who have at least an associates’s degree 80
    25 to 29 who have at least a bachelor’s degree 85

    I don’t understand the statistic on those two items: How can the latter be higher than the former?
    – Does not ‘at least an associate’s degree’ include bachelor’s degrees too?
    – And would not ‘at least a bachelor’s degree’ exclude those with associate’s degree but no bachelor’s degree?

    1. Mark Perry says:

      The figures are correct, but it was worded poorly and I’ve updated the table. It should be “25 to 29 years whose highest level of education is an associate’s degree,” and “whose highest level of education is a bachelor’s degree.”

  23. walt39 says:

    These are really excellent comments. Many very funny!

    Of course some of the issues mentioned are the result of boys maturing more slowly and others are consequences of testosterone levels. But when considering ‘male privilege’ it’s interesting to see the data displayed this way.

    On a serious note the continued spread of the ‘male privilege’ idea will have two consequences:

    1. A shift to Muslim males as the successful model since they don’t back off when told ‘stop annoying me’ as western men do; and,

    2. Explosive growth of the market for and use of female sex robots when they become available about 8-10 years hence.

    No telling where we go from there but at least the fish will be completely free of the bicycle.

  24. steve d. says:

    If Western women think they were oppressed and abused by white Christian men for centuries, wait until the Muzzies take over.

  25. Ken says:

    Jo Keely provides us with an example of Poe’s Law.

  26. Ken says:

    “Of course some of the issues mentioned are the result of boys maturing more slowly”

    This is a bald faced lie told by feminists to justify the damage done to boys, then blame boys for that damage.

  27. Ken says:

    The 19th amendment was a mistake.

  28. Mike says:

    ….”the fish will be completely free of the bicycle”….now, that made me laugh.

    Women are responsible for many of our current social ills: acceptance of homosexuality and transgender identities including their promotion as normal; the denigration of masculinity and promotion of the “soy” boy as ideal; women are responsible for declining marriage rates as men avoid the courts that shield them; tolerance is never enough and tough minded logic escapes them.

    Marry a redneck woman if you have to get married, and never do anything that you won’t do later. Love and respect but don’t forget you’re the man.

  29. Claude Hopper says:

    College grad degreed in women’s studies looks at a plumber and says yuck. Plumber looks college grad and her $70,000 debt and says yuck.

  30. JP says:

    Payback? Well where did what is good come from? Historically both men and women have suffered against an absolute dreadful existence but have strived (and succeeded) to improve things together. As much as there might some inequality in the past, to put the blame for it all the feet of ‘all men’ is an attempt to assign group guilt (to men) for all society’s misgivings.

  31. Factsseeker says:

    @jo Keely You are being very one eyed because you have not read much history. Men and fathers sacrificed themselves for family working in coal mines, asbestos mines, dying or being seriously maimed for life in their millions in wars over the last century. The truth is that men were socialized into sacrifice.

  32. Brendan Dempsey says:

    What astounds me is that there are so many gutless cur cowards of men that actively and tacitly support the type of foul filth fraudulently spewed by the likes of Jo Keely about payback in her comment, in order to spinelessly further their own positions of safety in the pack. It’s quite plainly a crock of nonsense.

    From the traditional ritual farewell by women of ancient Sparta to their male family members or loved ones going off into battle as, “With your shield or on it.” insisting that their men die in the battle rather than come back alive having cast aside their heavy shields to enable their escape, to the heinously barbaric gender disparities of the crucifixion industry of ancient Rome, to the centuries old white feather of cowardice tradition of the empire on which the sun never set that was made famous in the first world war, to the abusively disorientating, satanically deceitful, disgusting monkeys of the modern day Anglosphere that have wilfully and perniciously sustained an outrageously false gender power narrative that is core to sustaining mob mentality power abuse, by calling attention to variances in gender demographics of an infinitesimal number of operatives in a top stratum of the legal industry whilst over 90% of the vast and growing prison population in their society is male, the mainstream society mob has, throughout history, with consummate indifference accepted, and so facilitated, practice of what widespread atrocities against the men of their society seemed expedient, whilst subjecting females to incomparably less, and has upheld such easily given that the mob has shaped the narrative and public sentiment in society.

  33. JK Brown says:

    Striking disparities, but is the continued reduction of men to “wards of the State” as in Muller v. Oregon. 208 U. S. 412 (1908) did for women really the best way to preserve what little liberty remains after the 20th century. When Muller was decided men, at least, had full property rights to their time and labor. In the intervening century, men, especially non-elite men, are restricted in the wages they may accepts, the hours they may choose to work, even in some jurisdictions the work they may do, by state supported labor union cartels.

    The great male privilege is not having a White House Council tasked to interventions into the male liberty.

    “You can have regulation of the hours of labor of a woman of full age in general employments, by court decision, in three States (Massachusetts, Oregon, and Illinois), … but the Oregon case, decided both by the State Supreme Court and by the Federal Court in so far as the Fourteenth Amendment was concerned, after most careful and thorough discussion and reasoning, reasserted the principle that a woman is the ward of the state, and therefore does not have the full liberty of contract allowed to a man. Whether this decision will or will not be pleasing to the leaders of feminist thought is a matter of considerable interest.”
    Muller v. Oregon. 208 U. S. 412.
    –Popular Law-making: A Study of the Origin, History, and Present Tendencies of Law-making by Statute, Frederic Jesup Stimson (1910)

  34. SA says:

    Just give boys and young men the same respect and treatment and watch them shine. They are demeaned, dismissed, disrespected, and disenfranchised at every turn from day care to retirement homes.

  35. Mark Ravitz says:

    Please please cite where you got each item in the list. I would like to share this with my feminist acquaintances, but no one will believe it without references.

  36. Brendan Dempsey says:

    Being a ward of the State in around the time of Muller v. Oregon (1908) meant things like not having to die in your 30’s of black lung from mining coal, not having to pay your debts if you were a married woman in England (E Belfort Bax – The Legal Subjection of Men), and benefiting from the hideously inequitable gender disparities of around that time such as not having to die alongside the men in the 1st World War trenches, but rather getting to hand out white feathers of cowardice to men that didn’t much fancy the idea.

  37. Brendan Dempsey says:

    Were you asking me, Mark Ravitz? If so, you might like to try a word search or two if you or your feminist acquaintances would like to “believe it” or disbelieve it.

  38. Yaknotnud says:

    It’s important to raise awareness of the problems boys and men face. But, don’t turn it into a victim Olympics of who suffers more. And don’t diminish and coverup the problems of girls and women’s problems either.

    The important thing to understand a lot of problems girls and women face are because they are victims of the abuse of mainly males. That is why they need help and resources. It seems from these statistics that men aren’t only hurting women, they are hurting themselves. There are already medical resources in place to help boys and men with diseases and suicide. More resources are needed for homeless men and to rehabilitate criminals.

    And it may seem like favoritism, however, I truly believe women need safe spaces and environments to learn and grow away from men. Boys and Men are being truly disrespectful towards women in male dominated spaces.

    One of MANY examples and I quote:

    “I was in a STEM program for a while and the amount of sexism still is over the top. Stealing my ideas, then silencing me for ‘trying to take credit for others work’ when I call them out for it, outright collectively ignoring me when I speak, teaming up to make it seem like I’m not a ‘group player’, constantly getting off topic, trying to weasel out of work, dumping a ton of last minute work on me, not communicating on time or clearly enough so it’s a whole production to even speak to them… One time I had to do this group lab, except they made their own group chat and distributed work, while I tried to get a hold of them they just ignored me until the day before it was due, when they added me to the group chat and didn’t acknowledge me at all so I just did the missing parts in the shared documents.”

  39. DJRoukan says:

    Jo Kelly says,

    “Sorry guys. This is “payback” over the past 70+ years for the centuries of opposition and abuse heaped on the creatures you men considered “property” for so much of human history. You were the ones in a position to do something about it during all that time and chose not to.”

    Hey Jo, I thought it was millions of years of oppression? Second, get your head out of your women’s studies book and take a history lesson. Seventy years would put is right smack in the middle of the WWII era, where an entire generation of men, once again, were being marched off to yet another meat grinder, to protect our country, our women. Women? They had to get up and go to work. oh, the humanity…

    The property hoax is as large a prevarication as the “right to vote” argument. Men were charged with the responsibility for the family, not dominance. A man that did not support his family was jailed. Men who harmed their wives were flogged in the streets. It was property owners and not men that held the vote, for their families. One family, one vote. Remember something, while women were marching down main street USA demanding the “right” to vote, we were marching yet another generation of men into Machine gun fire in places like Somme and Belleau wood…earning the right to vote. Christmas morning 1916, while women were struggling to make Christmas dinner by a warm fire (the horror), 1 million young men, from four countries lay dead and rotting in the mud outside Verdun, denied their right to vote.

    The vote was governed by states, not t he fed. However, one year after the feds stepped in and granted men the right (won by male sacrifice), the Utah territory granted the right to women…just because men had it. No sacrifice required. From there, state after state followed until the feds once again stepped in and granted said right to women…yet where hear constantly that women were “denied the right to vote” from people like you. It was the male vote that laid the path for women to gain the right by doing what men have done since the dawn of our species, protecting women (women and children first).

    Your reality is skewed, but that’s how feminism works. Create a hoax, slap it on a lunch box, peddle it off to the masses, use it as a tool to manipulate women so as to build a power base and use that to “get even” for a past that did not exist, and gain a “future that is female”, doing exactly what they “claim” men did to them.

    I could go on an on, but I think your head would explode. Just understand something here, Chief. You are the problem. We are the cure.

  40. DJRoukan says:

    Hey Yak?

    What problems do women face today that require a total focus and the denial of constitutional rights to men? What issues are left that require outright violation of men’s rights? …and we did not create the “who’s got it worse” argument, but feminist, as you are doing here.

    When was that quote written about “bullying”, 1906? I am in the sciences, and I will call your a liar if you believe women are being bullied. People were just people. The only one’s that claim such “bullying” are feminist like yourself, living in a fantasy world. In fact, guys were tripping over themselves to help any women in classes and labs, just as men were always taught to do. However, in education, nursing, the social services, corporate America we see men being bullied constantly. MeToo accusations held over their heads like a sword of Damocles, man after man falling to the slightest statement. One forced to retire for telling a colleague, after not seeing her for a number of years, “you look god”. There are a lot more of those stories today, then that nonsense you are spewing. We see it so bad that male execs are refusing to mentor women for fear of having their lives destroyed by accusation and accusation alone. It is actually what is “hurting” women, like a snake eating its own tail.

    They suffer at the hands of male abuse? Another lie. Domestic violence is committed equally be men and women , yet women have over 200 shelters in this society, the VAWA. Men have 1. Ninety percent of all non-reciprocal DV is committed by women, and there are over 500 studies done over 30 years that validate that statement (and that is in a world were men are still shamed for coming forward, or worse). Under Duluth, a male victim is more likely to be arrested than sheltered. Knowing that, do you feel sympathy for male victims as you would if female victims were being arrested? Obviously not, because an entire list has been laid out for you and you are trying to downplay and deny, or worse, blame men (blaming the victim), with lies and doing what feminist do, re-direct back to “me, me, me…give me more’. …and those men that do abuse? Yeah, the vast majority raised in the single parent female head of household, just like our rapist, murderers, school shooters. I’m talking in the 90%.

    Further, do you know that lesbian relationships suffer the highest rate of Domestic Violence, almost twice that of women in relationships with men? (source NCADA). Do you know that the highest rate of child abuse is committed by women? …but you’ve been told to blame men, so you do, but I’ll bet you never did the research did you?

    I don’t know what world you are living in, but for men it’s like 30s Germany part deux. Please educate yourself beyond feminist dogma and stop being part of the problem.

  41. Factsseeker says:

    Just read again what you have written Yak. “The important thing to understand a lot of problems girls and women face are because they are victims of the abuse of mainly males. That is why they need help and resources.” So because vulnerable men are largely assaulted by other men, they don’t need the help and attention women need ? What twisted reasoning. It is the same as saying oh we don’t help blacks because they are victims of violence mostly from other blacks. When people like you demonize one group and favor another in society, you are thinking like a bigot or, you have a desperate need to show off to women. Either way, you need to honestly review your biased attitude. All victims need help, irrespective of gender. If you can’t understand that, then you are the problem.

  42. Dennis says:

    Jo Kelly,
    How on God’s Green Earth were women treated like property over the past 70+ years? For the past 70 years, or at least the majority of those past 70 years, women have had more funding for their diseases, a family court skewered in their favor, police who would take their side cases of domestic violence whether they were the victim or the perpetrator, homeless shelters exclusively for them while men slept on cardboard boxes, affirmative action, maternity leave (while men have no legal enforced paternity leave in the United States), exemption from the draft, reproductive rights (while men have no rights but still have responsibility), and a society that puts their safety first. And who do you think is a facilitating this “payback”? Either its men, or we don’t live under a patriarchy. So perverse, backwards, and disgusting.

  43. Dennis says:

    A recent study showed 2/3rds of women feel bullied by their FEMALE coworkers. Sorry but evil isn’t solely a masculine domain.

  44. Not Sure says:

    “A recent study showed 2/3rds of women feel bullied by their FEMALE coworkers.”

    See here…

    Catfights over handbags and tears in the toilets. When this producer launched a women-only TV company she thought she’d kissed goodbye to conflict…

  45. Weiwei says:

    Talk about equality!

  46. RedLion85 says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and posit that, out of about 25 or so unique commenters responding to this post, more than 22 of them voted for Trump.


  47. Weiwei says:

    When men don’t do well, women are also in danger. Think about it.

  48. Vic says:

    White male Trumpets obviously out in full force, you are so oppressed. Get over it.

  49. Caroline says:

    There is actually an American Association for Men in Nursing with college chapters as well as an Academy for Men in Education (although this one seems to be only present on one campus). There is also a men’s center at the University of Oregon and University of Redlands. I found these with a quick Google search. These organizations may not be as widespread as the organizations for women in traditionally-underrepresented fields, but they do exist. There is also a Men and Masculinities subgroup within the NASPA organization for higher education and student affairs professionals. I think discussing issues of gender representation and support are very important, but I question the reliability of the article because the concluding remarks show that the author did not research these organizations before determining that they do not exist (perhaps he was a bit biased coming into it). Again, I do not disagree that this is a valuable discussion. But because it is valuable, it is important to treat it with care. I wish that the author had provided constructive suggestions for how to move forward from a gender disparity.

  50. Samantha says:

    So why is it men get paid much more than women for the same jobs?

    1. Mark Perry says:

      That’s a total myth that has been de-bunked so many times it’s hard to believe that anybody still believes that.

  51. Ann Richards says:

    Looks like you men need to go find a bootstrap store and pull yourselves back up. Shame to lose those thousands of years of dominance in just a few decades. Oh, and for the supposed tougher sex, you all sure whine a lot.

  52. Jill DeMarco says:

    Oh, give me a f#!!*ing break! First, I challenge the truthfulness of these “facts” presented. If you are depending on the Office of Civil Rights for any of it, you have a lot to learn about statistics coming from the government. If from elsewhere, include some citations, for gosh sakes! So much of what you’ve printed in this article is simply not true. Second, the whole article sounds like one big gross whine. Are you forgetting about the status of women just 10-20 years ago? Oh, right, you are a man and never experienced or were aware of these things. Jeeze, mister, grow a pair and stop whining!

    1. Mark Perry says:

      1. All of the data and facts presented have links to the original sources here

      If any of the data/facts aren’t true, please provide corrections and data sources.

      2. It’s the Office FOR Civil Rights (not OF Civil Rights) and none of the data are from them, they don’t really collect, produce and report data.

      3. Women have been the majority sex in higher education for 40 years based on enrollment and the majority sex by degrees (bachelor’s and master’s) since the early 1980s, so men have been an under-represented minority in higher education for many decades.

  53. Eleanour Snow says:

    You focus on STEM overall and engineering in particular so let’s go there. For every 100 women who earn STEM degrees there are 117 men. For every 100 women who earn BS degrees in engineering there are 331 men. For every 100 women who are working as engineers there are 669 men. For every 100 women who are working as computer scientists there are 284 men. Women engineers earn 10% less than their male counterparts.

    Do we need to address systemic problems for boys in the K-12 education system? Yes. Does that mean we can ignore the systemic problems that have kept women out of science and engineering fields? Absolutely not.

    1. Mark Perry says:

      Regarding women in STEM…….

      1. For every 100 women earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2018, there were 67 men.

      2. For every 100 women earning a Master’s degree in Biology in 2018, there were 75 men.

      3. For every 100 women earning a Master’s degree in Health and Medical Sciences, there were 25 men.

      4. For every 100 women earning a Doctoral degree in Biology in 2018, there 90.5 men.

      5. For every 100 women earning a Doctoral degree in Health and Medical Sciences, there were 41 men.

      6. For every 100 women earning a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, there are 25 men.

  54. Peter H. says:

    1. This chart seems to focus solely on categories that are positive for women and negative for men. This is utterly misleading…I understand you are trying to make a point but you can do so without being selective and one-sided.
    Eleanor mentions just a few of the categories where men are exceeding women.
    2. Assuming sufficient data existed a hundred years ago (long before equality was considered let alone officially ‘encouraged’), I’m sure most of the people in prison, committing murders, abusing alcohol, and getting expelled were men.
    3. The comments on here are mostly laughable..cry me a river, being a male these days is so hard! Seriously though, one can recognize that there needs to be focus on the many boys are who are evidently not thriving in today’s society and knowledge/service industry. There is a heck of a lot more to it than program’s designed to help women, to say the least.
    4. If you are a relatively successful and educated young men, dating prospects are good indeed!

    1. Mark Perry says:

      The original “For every 100 girls….” list by Thomas Mortenson included more than 100 different items. I’d like to see a comparable list of more than 100 different items where men are doing better than women for various outcomes for education, health, mental health, incarceration, job injuries/death, crime, homelessness, overdoses, etc.

  55. BirdResQR says:

    For every 100 women raped, how many men are? For every 100 female victims of domestic violence, there are how many male victims? For every 100 female domestic violence perpetrators, there are how many male DV perps? For every 100 female murderers, there are how many male murderers?

    For every 100 female CEOs, there are how many male CEOs? For every 100 women earning $100k annually, how many men do?

  56. Cliffie says:

    BirdResQR: I think you’ve got it !!!
    I feel extremely sorry that so many more boys require services for autism, but I am glad they are generally getting the help they need. But overall, we know money is power and males make a lot more money…No one can dispute that.

  57. Dennis says:

    For every 100 women raped, how many men are?
    If you don’t use the CDC’s euphemism “made to penetrate” as a stand in for “rape”, then approximately 100.

    For every 100 female victims of domestic violence, there are how many male victims?
    About 130 if you count all forms of domestic violence, about 80 if you only count severe forms

  58. DJRoukan says:

    Hey Vic,

    Shaming language no longer works to suppress facts, especially racist, sexist language…but thank you for demonstrating exactly the type of ignorance we are up against.

    Good grief.

  59. DJRoukan says:

    Ann Richards,

    Take a history lesson, then understand that ego attacks and bully tactics no longer worK, but are laughable. Regurgitating feminist dogma no longer works…not even on women. A full 85% of women in the US, 90% of women in the UK even disagree with the nonsense you are spewing.

    You are among a very small, very well funded, very hateful radical group targeting a subgroup of people claiming a false victim-hood no more or less than did the Nazis.

    Present some truths, some evidence, or go away.

    Thanks in advance.

  60. DJRoukan says:

    Ann Richards,

    Please cite your data on “thousands of years” of abuse, as this country is only about 250, and for those 250 men have been protecting it, women, and constantly improving life for women. I understand that among feminist, men standing up for themselves and demanding their own is a very scary thing, but shaming language, ego attacks, and bully tactics are not going to work.

    I can understand your frustration, because when, as a sex, you’ve been accustom to privilege, equality may seem like oppression…but again, please prove your contention.

  61. Not Sure says:

    It would appear some are not particularly eager to give up their victim cards just yet.

  62. Scott says:

    The only “systemic” obstacle I see keeping women from going after STEM degrees is their own preference for easy college classes (same goes for millions of men BTW who didn’t go after STEM degrees). STEM is hard, very hard, takes years of hard work and difficult and sometimes tedious academic preparation. Very few men and women are willing to work as hard as you need to to succeed.

  63. gastirad39 says:

    Mr Perry, your study is wonderful.I did a similar one on french population figures and it could be done on any country.

    Here it is:
    In a feminist society who are victims ?
    Official propaganda is clear : women are victims of men violences against women.There’s no other alternative…
    But could it be the other way ?
    Instead of focusing on women’s deaths, why not look at men’s ?
    Like you, M Perry, I’ve just compared figures of birth by sexe and who is alive at 25 or 60 or 80 ?
    French Insee gives quite accurate and reliable figures.
    Every year 51.23%boys and 48.77 % girls come to birth. It means boys are about 19 000 more than girls every year. At 24, there should exist 456 000 boys more than girls.
    Now let’s have a look at
    Population par sexe et groupe d’âges en 2019 : effectifs
    under 15 : women alive :5 879 846 ; men alive: 6 139 574
    15-19 : w : 2 017 572 ; m : 2 121 205
    20-24 : w:1 855 532 ; m : 1 894 826
    25-29 : w : 1 921 674 ; m : 1 877 496 Under 15, boys are 259 728 more than girls and 15-19 boys are 103 633 more; and 20-24 men are 39 294 more ; and 25-29 men are 44 178 LESS than girls.
    Wait a minute something must be wrong! At age 24, there should exist 402 655 boys more than girls and in a few years they vanished away. what happened to all men missing ?
    Poor boys : out of figures They are dead !
    And nobody noticed all those innocent victims ! 402 000 boys in 24 years . It makes, at least, 16 750 male victims/ year= 46 a day.
    And, up to 11, they were almost totally under women’s care(mothers, nurses, teachers…)
    But there’s much more to come !
    55-59 : 2 237 327 women ; 2 108 148 men
    Easy count. At the end of a life of work 129 179 men dead on top of all those already counted. Appaling, isn’t it ?
    But, worse ‘s coming …
    65-69 : 2 075 177 w ; 1 849 769 m;225 408 men more victims : 3087,7 / day

    Hear a mansplaining : « These bastards were a menace to women’s pension… or could vote against a feminist government »
    Cheers ! I’m joking. Just playing with stats and a man’s calculette,
    Or is there a hidden massive societal violence against males, under the pretense that « boys will be boys » ?

  64. Vic says:

    Hey DJRoukan, read the comments preceding mine. They are not only mostly ignorant but obviously come from men who feel oppressed who don’t care to deal in statistical fact. If that isn’t a characteristic of Trump and his supporters what is? There are no alternative facts, what’s the source of your data – come back to reality.

  65. Factsseeker says:

    @Ann Richards
    I am so disappointed how infantile this discussion is getting on this topic. Shaming is a tactic used by school bullies who use emotional abuse to cruelly hurt other people. Thar said, your terribly one-eyed ideas simply polarizes the discussion even more. Can;t you understand there are vulnerable men and there are vulnerable women. These two groups are human beings who have vulnerabilities that involve dysfunctional endocrine or brain development. In a humane society, we cannot just ignore one group’s problems because we live in such a machismo society. We need policy makers with a broader vision, with a sense of humanity for all vulnerable people, not to shame them so cruelly.

  66. TD Lawrence says:

    Ann Richards…

    Oh the arrogance! At some point men will grow weary of this nonsense. Remember we are all dependent on the good will of ordinary men who supply us with the resources and infrastructure we use to carry on with our life of incredible privilege. It’s largely men who unfailingly grow and distribute our food at historically low prices, give us abundant energy and manufacturing goods. Somehow, they manage to keep the water running, the electricity on, the sewage and garbage collected, and the trains running on time. It’s a marvel; however, unappreciated.

    If we push these men too far they will call a general strike. Just one day could cause a disruption requiring months if not years to repair. Gender roles would would reorder quickly with a better distribution of privileges and responsibilities.

    Further more, some say we are running the risk of a general breakdown of civil society and, if history serves, we can’t rule out widespread chaos and even civil war. As they always have, strong alpha-males (of the “Hells Angels” variety) will restore order and remake our institutions. And, they will define women’s place at the point of a AK-47. If these ruling males were demonized by radical feminists as little boys and young men…..well good luck ladies.

  67. Eric D. Tarkington says:

    I am bemused by the human species. We are capable of such heroism and compassion, but we are also blind to suffering or callous in the face of it. We can learn, but the process is slow agony. Even so, facts and reason may sometimes prevail, and I am grateful to people who make them available.

    Thank you.

  68. Dr Peter C Howie says:

    I appreciate your promoting this. I also note that if the statistics were simply between, for instance, african americans and anglo americans there would be no argument about its veracity. And it could have nothing to do with gender issues but ‘straight forward’ issues of bias and embedded racism or similar.



  69. MG says:

    You men and women are way too excited and emotional about the data. Even those who claim to consider “facts” present them with as if they are dripping from the mouth of a sharp fanged beast. Stop blaming each other and look for ways to encourage boys to think realistically about their future and teach them to take control of their lives.

  70. Chris Rutledge says:

    Among male social liberals, male self-belittlement seems to be the fashion. As illustrated by Mr. Obama’s recent theorizing that if women ran the world, all would be better. This self-belittlement fits with the emerging pop anthropology that sees males as essentially the defective human gender. Let us hope that learned experts start examining this theory that life in general, and the world, would in fact be better if women ran things – or if we would stumble along more or less like we do now.

  71. Alan Fournier says:

    BirdRes QR Regarding sexual abuse:

    The following is taken from study called The Invisible Boy available from the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence at Health Canada.

    “….there is an alarmingly high rate of sexual abuse by females in the backgrounds of rapists, sex offenders and sexually aggressive men – 59% (Petrovich and Templer, 1984), 66% (Groth, 1979) and 80% (Briere and Smiljanich, 1993). A strong case for the need to identify female perpetrators can be found in Table 4, which presents the findings from a study of adolescent sex offenders by O’Brien (1989). Male adolescent sex offenders abused by “females only” chose female victims almost exclusively.”

    Interestingly the US CDC’s NISVS shows there almost as many men who were forced to penetrate a woman (1,267,000) as there were women who reported being raped (1,270,000). The 2012 NISVS shows the number female rape victims fell drastically while the number of male victims of “made to penetrate” went up. There were an estimated 740,000 more male victims of “made to penetrate” than female victims of rape in 2012.

    A study was released by the US D.O.J on the 2008-2009 reporting period showed that overwhelmingly male children incarcerated in juvenile facilities were sexually molested by women slightly more than 95% of the time while male staff accounted for only 4.6% of the sexual molestation of the minors incarcerated who reported sexual abuse. In the most troubling facilities, between 20 and 30 percent of incarcerated youth reported abuse. The sheer magnitude of male youth incarceration in the US and here in Canada show how vast this sexual abuse problem is.

    These are statistics that you never see in MSM. And there is also a vast body of evidence that indicates that females are the primary instigator of violence in DV cases. Then there’s the evidence that women violently abuse and kill their children in greater numbers than men.

    These facts are going to rise to the surface. And when they do all the white knights that have done feminist bidding at the cost of boys and men will be called out to pay fort their cowardice.

  72. DJRoukan says:

    Hey Vic,

    Please present your “facts”, because all you’ve done thus far is spit childish venom.

    Do that or stop typing please.

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